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    Seriously? Man, that thing must be really dusty. By the time it-- *Sees nintendoqueens newest message* ... Ok, this is really getting out of hand.
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    Oh no, I'm not jealous. Just curious if... you know... Anyway, besides, I'm only 15, and she's 23. You still have a genesis? Cool.
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    Have you played any of his games? If you have, I'd love to-- *Sees NintendoQueens post* ... *coughspazqueenshippingcough*
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    Hello. Do you like Sonic?
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    It really depends on you. With me, I lean towards mostly afternoon classes. This works out well for a bunch of reasons: the chance to wake up early to work on homework I didn't do, the possibility of sleeping in if I need to, and it's just generally relaxing and it breaks up the day for me. Morning classes I only really have in moderation, I go for a few but not too many because I do like getting up early (the idea being that the longer I'm up, the less of the day I've wasted... I'm not big on sleep) and class actually gives me a reason to drag myself out of bed (which can be a difficult task on days with only afternoon classes because then-tired me thinks "why am I doing this, I have 5 hours until I have to be anywhere"). Evening classes I despise. I've only had one, but it's the worst timeslot for me. Morning's fine because then I have the rest of the day, afternoon breaks up the day instead of just having one lump of nothing to do, but the evening... then I have to wait the whole day just for that class, and then by the time I get out it's even later. I like being able to relax in the evening, and especially with the times we have for classes here at Marist if I go for an evening class then by the time I get out, I'll be hungry but that's the most crowded time for every place on campus you can eat.

    It is largely a personal thing too though; if you function better in the morning, you'll want to go more for morning classes than for afternoon or evening ones. Also a factor, though not one that should make/break a class decision, is the times they occur on specific days. I live fairly close to Marist, far away enough that I don't have family showing up randomly because they were in the area but close enough that I can go home any weekend that I want to. Because of that, I like not having early morning classes on Mondays and late afternoon/evening classes on Fridays, that gives me plenty of leeway if I do go home for the weekend. Going home early on a Friday and getting to school Monday afternoon an hour before class is fantastic.
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    Normally this is something you let known with your employer anyway

    Quoting myself directly:
    Quote Originally Posted by Eltrotraw View Post
    Tools used...

    For 3D, I use 3DS Max to create the models, and either Paint or GIMP to do some of the textures, depending on how complex I want it. The dragon for instance used a simple texture done in Paint, while a more complex one like for the arena would require something more advanced, like GIMP.

    For the GIFs, I use a combination of Game Maker and GIF Animator.

    For the Paint Quickies, well, what else do I have to say aside from "they're done in paint"?

    For the Games, right now the ones I feel comfortable with publishing are done mainly through Game Maker 7(or earlier). Yes, there's a more recent version, but I don't really care right now.

    As of recent, however, I've been delving into the Unity Game Engine which is also free and there are several tutorials out there on Youtube that let you step right into making your own game.

    What I find great about Unity over Game Maker is that Unity allows you to market your work, unlike Game Maker(unless that's changed - I doubt it somehow).
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    Most employers should be understanding of college schedules, so the latter

    Though I have no idea why you'd turn to me to ask this in particular
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    Also forgot to say, now I have to go to sleep. UGH. So annoying.
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    Not really. Just sayin' hi
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    spaz spaz spaz spaz spaz spaz spaz spaz spaz spaz spaz spaz spaz spaz spaz
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    can we stop this? i seriously cannot think of any more bro words.
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    foolish fool!
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