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    That'd be me! Guess I was getting confused with twitter or something. Technology these days.
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    Hey Cyphir! I've got me a Skype!

    If I understand this thing correctly, you can reach me at @eliotfairbanks.

    I'd love to talk with you when you get a chance! Maybe even talk about MAN OF STEEL WHOOOOOOOOOOO
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    Well, I think the foundation is okay. I think my mom considered fixing up the floor, but it's more trouble than it's worth. You can barely notice it anyways. Unless you're trying to make drywall level. *flips table*
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    Traditionally, like on paper? Nah. I mean, I should, I need to get used to drawing bodies, and sketching them out would help immensely. I just... Haven't felt like it I guess.

    Hm... Most of the house. ATM we're working on the bathroom upstairs. We had to tear down all the walls and put drywall up. I kinda despise drywall because it's really heavy and taking it upstairs is a pain, not to mention putting it up on the ceiling. >:[ Anyway, we're kicking it into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE since my dad's going to be gone for a while (originally 3 months, but now he may be staying until December), and we want to surprise him when he gets back. He's up in North Dakota for more Mailman work. Anyway, before he left, we got my bedroom and my sister's bedroom totally finished. We had to get one of those floor sander things (which was also heavy, awkward to bring upstairs, and I despise that as well lel) for both rooms, we had to tear off the walls, since it's just like lath and plaster, and put up The Sinister Drywall of Death, seal up the little screw holes, and paint. We also got the downstairs bathroom done. The roof needs to be done and the porch desperately needs to be done, as the latter is all broken and really dangerous actually. Our house is like 100+ years old, and whoever worked on it previously had literally no idea what they were doing. So we have to fix around all that stuff that so-and-so screwed up. Also, the house has... Settled, I think the term was, so the floor is uneven everywhere, which makes putting drywall up really hard. So we have to cut to make it fit, since it's tilting to the right or whatever. Anyway, I think the back porch is done, as well. So along with the roof and porch, the hallway needs to be done, the staircase, most likely the dining room (it's painted a really ugly dark red omg), and MAYYYBE the living room, I don't remember. But yeah, it's really tiring, but thankfully I get today off as we're seeing some people.

    Holy wow that's probably the longest VM I've ever written. XDD But hey, now you know. :D
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    I've been fine, drawing incessantly, swimming, jogging, remodeling my house... Very tired today from all that.
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    You're leaving? D':
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    The idea was too tempting to pass up.
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    Your avatar.


    I couldn't beat it as Zero, but I managed as X. Getting up close and personal with that dude is just too much, so no swordsmanship this time (despite Zero being my favorite).
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    Thank you, good sir. Anyone showing appreciation for the Advance Wars series has my gratitude.
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    Hey Cyphir, I've got something to ask. Would it be possible to put off my involvement in Talland for a little while? I've run into an unexpected personal dilemma that's drastically cut into my internet time, and I've been struggling to keep up with the things I'm already involved in.

    I still very much want to be a part of the RP, but until I can get over this hurdle I won't be able to devote to it the time it deserves. Tell your brother I'm very sorry, and that I'll alert you as soon as my situation changes.

    (Also, my brother's seen your video. He said it was bizarrely hilarious, and particularly enjoyed the "EVERYTHING IS PEPPERS" hallucination.)
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    I totally understand. I used to be the same but, after being around the net for so long, I got lazy and decided to just give up on that. :P Thank you for taking the time to let me know your reasoning.
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    He hasn't seen it yet. I'd call him in now, but he's watching the NBA Finals, and the four horsemen of the apocalypse couldn't pull him away from that. I'll keep you posted!

    By the way, just wanted to let you know that I am in fact working on that thing we discussed through PMs. I've got a definite character put together and a scene outlined in my head, I just need to translate it to words. (As a teaser, my main inspiration for the character comes from a combination of Chesterton, Fitzgerald, and Disney's Sleeping Beauty.)
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    *sniffles* That was so eloquent, so beautiful, so wonderfully spoken, I may cry!
    My day was fantastic, and it was indeed spent with many members of my family! I also got to take a pleasant nap!
    Lives are busy and sometimes internet things get lost in the hodgepodge of life. It is completely understandable that my low-priority VM on the BitForums was beaten out by more pressing matters
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    Technically it's more of an RPG than an RP, but thanks! It's going pretty well so far.

    Oooooooo, that's rough. I've had similar experiences - of course, oftentimes I'll take another look at my feverish half-awake plans and think "wow, it's obvious I was half-asleep when I wrote this". Another thing that often helps me write, for whatever reason, is going out in my backyard and just sort of pacing around, running when I imagine action scenes, acting things out when I need to get a grip on the physicality of a scene. Any onlookers think I'm nuts, but it's worth it, I think.

    Sounds like you had a blast! You might be interested to know that I'm not the only one anticipating the new video - I showed my brother the Cop skit, and he loved it. He's looking forward to seeing what you put out next.
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    The project itself is still promising - I just found myself drifting out of interest while trying to write. I expect that when I pick up the new Smash Bros, I'll experience a rebirth of enthusiasm, but at the moment what truly gets me excited is F/S, so I've given that greater focus.

    Ahh, I think I can relate to what you mean. For me, they're the kind of ideas I dream up right just as I'm settling in for bed - the kind that keep me from falling asleep because I'm just so excited about what I can do with these characters!

    Hot dog! I'll keep a weather eye out for it!
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