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    uhhh i can't seem to find you on facebook for some reason? so if it helps just add me /justin.gamiao.5
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    awesome! i actually have no thursday classes, but depending on how things go, i might be busy. plus i might also want to check out fallen star on thursday too

    i'm justin gamiao on facebook. i'll add you right away and hopefully things won't be awkward when we see each other in person lol
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    yo dyna, just wondering but did you actually decide on UCSD? cause i know i did, i live in the sixth reshalls. just wondering 'cause i'd love to possibly meet you someday so we can like help each other n stuff
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    If our forum's coming to an end, do you mind joining up with me for games on the 3DS and WiiU?

    3DS Friend Code: 3566 1710 6243

    WiiU: Ruane3DS
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    Since the forums are behaving erratically at the moment, and that they will someday go kaput, would you like to exchange contact information of some kind?
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    oh man i was wondering if that was this weekend!
    you seem to be in a good mood which is excellent to hear

    yeah i recently finished my opening of about 10k words, i'll probably be cleaning it up a little in the next couple of days but after that i could show you if you wanted to see it
    and yes i will do that today or tomorrow - should i be going with a japanese name, by the way?
    thank you for having faith
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    get ready for character concept sometime this weekend
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    i feel like the worst for not being on the ball with vms lately, you're an important friend of mine and i worry that i'm coming off flaky and that it doesn't come across
    part of the reason is definitely that i struggle with really long messages but that feels like a flimsy excuse even though it's true
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    is it possible to get those glasses which darken in bright light? they obviously can't substitute for a dog but they might help
    independence is kind of a crash-and-burn thing though, and you learn by doing it and even &&&&ing up sometimes, and yeah starting is far and away the hardest part
    still, man, your life sounds really intense and overwhelming and scary and i never quite know what to say
    wish i could be more helpful :/

    looks like it's pretty streamlined at least! you worked hard so it must be satisfying to look at it now

    i can appreciate well-defined pseudo-selfinserts (see: persona) - but robin feels way too generic to make the cut for me
    stock names are a good idea i should think of one but man i'm the worst at names so
    (real name in pokemon every time though)

    my lucius still has the monk sprite even though he's a mage, but still not as bad as cleric-guy
    we'll see i guess welp
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    i feel ya. it's a tough transition, but it was inevitable to say the least

    yeah, a friend told me that overflow problem as well. i feel as if it's the best to live in the college you're assigned in; you're more than likely close to all your classes and you're at least with some people who have similar majors and whatnot. and i believe the full housing contract is after the SIR deadline, so yeah.

    as a person who lives nearby to disney, i'm definitely going to miss the convenient trip to and from, but i'm fine exploring new places and giving that place a break. i also heard downtown in san diego is nice too, and there's a lot of nature to explore around campus.

    i'm really only positive about UCSD because it's been my dream school for a while, so i can't really argue against going. that's up to you, but it'd be nice to meet you in person! of course, assuming that actually doesn't happen because we'd be so busy and whatnot. but i guess we can play smash bros or something
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    let me know how it goes!

    i'll hunt those down then and take another look
    still thinking about knight soul/life wall/retaliate build though because i like the concept

    wait wait
    i haven't seen the trailer but... the lord is a my unit? god that's actually the worst thing, i hated that awakening's story made robin the most important character and this is a more terrible upgrade of that
    i don't play fire emblem games so i can be the protagonist :/

    my priscilla is a myrmidon but i haven't recruited her successfully yet, the only axe users i've got at the moment are my hectors rebecca and oswin
    also heartbroken because pretty cleric guy doesn't have an in-combat (or in-healing i guess) animation, only a map one
    don't really have a stable party yet but we'll see
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    it's important to take what your parents want into consideration but at the same time you've gotta do what you want, man
    did you schedule it yet

    i'm pretty flat-out at the moment but i'll try get to it later this week
    good planning

    yeah man i hated awakening but I DID IT ALL TO MYSELF and it hurt
    i dunno how to feel about pair up since it made gameplay really easy, particularly after a certain point, so yeah
    oh and i hope they dump my unit since i really really really do not like robin at all
    sounds about right, fire emblem doesn't do particularly drastic things with plot

    i'm randoming too but slower and it's fun enough (but mostly to see who's what)
    my mvp so far is either peg!lowen or monk!dorcas
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    i'm sure they can accommodate, and i doubt at the end of the day it'll be much of a problem. so long as you can get around, you should be fine.

    well i can help you with all of that! firstly, you can reserve housing before the school now! even if you may not go, you can still do so for free. the actual housing contract and stuff is due by may 1st. i'd recommend you reserve literally right now, otherwise your college may overflow and you may be living in an apartment or another college instead.

    it's also never too late to apply for scholarships. they go on year round, and each scholarship has it's own deadline. you can win scholarships before your college to fund your education. you can even still win scholarships while you're attending college (though they may only be applicable for the next year, but each scholarship is different).

    being undeclared isn't a bad thing. many people are undeclared in their first year, and many students will end up switching majors 1-3 times in their college career. use that opportunity your first year (or maybe second) to get most of your GEs done, and take introductory courses of some majors you're interested in. you can switch majors anytime, though that really depends on the major. you just don't want to be undeclared for too long, otherwise when you actually do find a major, you may be in school a little longer to finish all of your major requirements

    i'm not too familiar with San Diego, but the campus is like a 5 minute away from a beach and some hiking trails if you're into that, as well as near landmarks such as SeaWorld and LegoLand.
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    oh, ERC? i don't know much about that college, but i know a friend who is going in there. she told me they have tough GE requirements, but it's a pretty fantastic college nonetheless. i'd definitely look more into your college; each college has a different system and "theme," so to speak.

    campus is pretty enormous, but everything is mostly walking-friendly from my experience. however, ERC is actually the farthest from the price center and library, which are pretty much the hubs of campus. but they also offer shuttles and buses around campus iirc, and i believe they have a lot of other disability services as well, based on what i heard.

    i feel ya, there are some things i'm a little nitpicky about when it comes to colleges. my parents really want me going to a closer and cheaper college, but their academics compared to SD is lackluster, which is why i feel as if in the long run, UCSD will provide more for me. that's how i decided, and i'd definitely recommend you look at it that way. big picture!
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    congrats to you too! it's always nice to know at least one person attending there. and i can definitely agree to that last part

    what college did you get into? i'm in sixth
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