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    i continue to be disgustingly keen regardless

    didnt help that the boss dumped it all on me at once and i just kinda sat there with my eyes glazing over taking in precisely none of it
    so noted tho thanks c:

    ive never really been that big on playing games solely to dick around tbh
    maybe it was never gonna be my kind of game i guess
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    the chorus is weirdly catchy though
    also i'm gonna need a link to this

    the complex cqc stuff is kinda cool but also how the hell am i supposed to remember it all
    and yeah that's a good goal, lemme know how it goes

    mm, it was a big chunk of that too - it seemed almost like the game didn't care about me at all
    i didn't even care enough to get any companions since i had zero interest in the few i ran into
    i had to go back and rewatch that video and it's STILL GOOD
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    then you won't be mad if i link you to my latest (completely unironic) jam right
    (the video is awful though)

    i'm not pacifisting because i'm not good enough at this game to tbh, i always panic whenever i get caught and wind up doing something violent
    notes to self tho

    Best End
    i should tell you about why i'm dropping it another time in detail, but the tldr is that i felt incredibly lonely in the world
    five hours of boring anonymous npcs in boring anonymous towns all blended together and i decided to just drop it since i was feeling nothing for any of it
    the big example is that earlygame quest where you can pick which of a woman's two potential suitors you want to aid - except there's fundamentally no difference between her options, and you can't even ask her who she likes better, and you still gain absolutely no insight into any of the three either as individuals or members of the community, and all that just made me go "wow so much wasted potential"
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    oh good

    i really really need to get back to mgs3, totally planning to do that this weekend
    (and like a literal ocelot or the dude or)
    instead, my disappointing experience with skyrim has prompted me to start up a run of me3 that i will hopefully actually finish
    i'm sorry bioware i'll talk slightly less &&&& about you from now on
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    i've definitely written papers to worse (see: "my fate is to die young")
    still not sorry tho
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    i am literally so unsorry right now tbh
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    i'd be very impressed if he managed to find aussie lotto numbers tbj

    yum yum
    (did you get through mgs2 by the way? i need to get back to 3 myself)
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    *thanks for NOTHING future josh

    oh &&&& yes
    gimme some unconventional female characters mmmm
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    thanks future josh

    dude i wanna hear ALL about this
    chinhands aggressively
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    crispin freeman tho
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    Ah that's fine! I understand.
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    i'll ask again in six months then

    dude that's &&&&ing massive, i'm still so excited for you
    i myself need to stop being lazy but it's okay because i BELIEVE
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    Not much! I was wondering if you'd like to try and keep in contact?
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    dude that's &&&&ed
    do you feel old
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