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    There's a thread on Adeline's Canvas entitled: BitF Community Art Contest - August 2012. I'd link it, but I'm not using my computer, and I can't figure out how it works
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    Not to randomly butt in, but I saw Hi I'm Daisy!'s post to you. I recall her mentioning that she's gone until the 25th, so I figured I'd answer for her in her absence (and so that you won't be tapping your fingers in wait).

    The community contests have - so far - all been just on the simple Adeleine's Canvas board. The one going on right now is ri~ight... here. Anyway, hope that helps!
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    HI I'M DAIS-

    I mean, hey dfrogmatt! Daisy here.

    Just letting you know that I'm judging the community fanart contest this month, and the theme is SUMMER! You seemed to show a lot of support for this topic in the suggestions thread, so if you still want princesses in bikinis, join in the contest!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dfrogmatt View Post
    On an unrelated matter, can anyone tell me how to make a gif my avatar? This picture that is currently my avatar is supposed to be a gif, but as you can see it is not moving...
    You should direct any question like this to The Basic Question Thread! It is totally designed for that stuff. In fact, your question was just asked in there not too long ago~

    But here's the problem you're most likely having. The maximum size of an avatar is 150 x 250. Anything bigger, and the forum will automatically resize it to fit the dimensions. When a gif that is bigger than the dimensions is resized, the animation is lost, and you get nothing more than a still image. If you want the animation, you'll have to resize it on your own before uploading it to the forum.
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    Sorry to hear that. That idea sounds really good, too.
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    I haven't checked up on the Art Contests lately. Have you made an entry?
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    My life is more everywhere than yours could ever hope to be. And I'm not exaggerating. @_@

    Definitely. He's one of the tightest guys on the forums.
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    TheMightyBox was the one with that usertitle.

    Yeah, procrastination. Describes my life perfectly as well. XD
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    How's it going, man? I've been meaning to talk to you for forever, but I've been really busy / stressed lately. @_@
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    No problem
    I like how the Luigi Doll...
    ...has sewing pins jabbed into it like a voodoo doll XD
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    I know it wasn't that important, I just didn't want to be rude.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dfrogmatt View Post
    T-3000- What program do you use to trace it? Because that's basically what I do. I get the idea, draw it, color it, post it, the end (don't forget the hours of music playing in the background).
    I'm sorry, I skipped right over your question about what program I use XP
    I use Paint Shop Pro 7, it's not as good as Adobe Photoshop but it's good enough for me. I also enjoy using Adobe Illustrator for other entries.
    Spoiler: Examples of entries using the 2 programs 

    Yeah so that's what I do. Sorry I didn't answer you question sooner, I just seemed to skip right over it and only noticed it today XP
    Anyway, Good luck with future entries.
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    Yeah. It doesn't leave a lot of room for creativity though.

    Hey, where ya been? I haven't seen you for forever!
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    Woo hoo!!! I didn't get my final copy done...sigh. Ah well. I don't think I'll enter the next contest either. :P And you?
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    Oh yes!! The Kirby dance is indeed the best.

    Haha!! I know one guy who really likes to do it in person....I high fived him one day just for that....geeks rule!!

    Gasp!!! Is the other idea posted already?
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