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    Yes that too. Thieves clearly weren't meant to be used for combat at all back then.
    And Chad has an ugly name and an ugly face and I want to kick him in that ugly face.

    If you didn't get all the gaiden chapters and keep the sacred weapons intact, then Roy literally promotes at the very last level
    if not he promotes at the same time but there's still barely any game to play
    he sucks
    and except for a tiny difference of the map sprite HE LOOKS THE EXACT SAME

    I think I ended up unequipping Rutger, Lance, and Lalum (since he doesn't attack Lalum because of reasons) and crowding him against the wall while Clarine healed
    Not the most elegant solution but who cares that was obnoxious :<
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    Yeah, for thieves it has to do with not promoting and that really sucks. Even in FE7 I didn't find Matthew or Legault that great at all (especially Matthew which is a shame since I like him so much), and it was surprising it took them so long to make a rogue class. In FE11 they got around thieves not promoting by letting them go to level 30 and looking cool so that the first thief you get was basically Marth 0.9 and was surprisingly decent, but it's too bad they didn't have stuff like that here

    like it's also too bad that Roy promotes so late hahahahlakhsjdfjahl
    Roy is a terrible lord and an unremarkable character/hero who is more popular than he deserves to be because of smash bros
    I should've saved the picture of level 20 Roy with base stats

    Also did you get to chapter 16x? Because getting that one was horrible
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    it would be really nice to have an actual work day soon

    The characters I used in the end were Roy (lol), Lance, Ellen, Thany, Clarine, Rutger, Sue, Oujay, Wendy, Lilina, Fir, Miledy, Sophia, Tate, and Lalum. Uhhh I don't think I always fit everyone in and I tossed in Cath for obligatory thief or Echidna for surprisingly good filler sometimes, but yeah to this day I don't know why I used both Sophia and Wendy, who are particularly really dumb and hard to raise

    Maybe you should just drop Sophia though if it's too much trouble but I don't know who you'd replace her with. yes decisions are hard

    I only wish I could've dropped Roy
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    oh, well maybe later

    also holy butts you're using Sophia???

    (she turned out good for me but no it wasn't fun at all)
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    Made some actual adjustments to the document.

    Have time y/n

    either way go look sometime
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    as always, tuesday rehearsals start at 6:30
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    Hey, just thought I'd let you know. We've filled up one side of the RP! We just need at least three more, and then both sides will be filled. And if anymore come in, then I'll start choosing which ones stay.
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    to the geemails
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    well I figured you were more in the know when it came to phones than me anyway :P

    is that just another way of saying communicating with our significant others through text
    also would it be easier to go on gmail I think it would huh
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    good so I'm not alone :o
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    any other fun apps you can think of? I'm not experienced in phones and apps at all so
    fun time wasters we can do together or whatever
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    wanna wait a few so I can charge my dead phone
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    and that's over and done with
    it's not that bad
    honest, I'm not just saying these things to make you feel okay
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    you're really not that bad
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