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    oooooh how mysterious
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    I'll show you later for sure

    he's a bro and I just love the krogan race
    don't worry, vanguards are just super fragile
    but once you put points into your armor and then get barrier, you're a total tank
    I suggest my vanguard build that I showed you earlier since it works very well

    Have fun c:
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    Your last action was...

    Spoiler: Day 6, Part 142 
    Spoiler: Day 6, Part 143 

    what are you going to be busy fizzy with
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    if you complete enough missions/assignments with squadmates you get achievements depending on the squadmate
    these usually involve a lot of missions/assignments (good majority of them) so it'd be most helpful at endgame and on future playthroughs

    also, garrus and tali is good
    garrus provides power, tali can provide the tech, and there's some overlap too
    also, both have first aid, so that means the first aid bonuses stack (first aid is the skill that makes medigel heal more)
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    oh no :<
    well if it helps you any i have no idea what i'm doing (okay maybe a little)

    now is gud time right??
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    how are you feeling about pokemans or plans for tomorrow

    i dig through lux logs for next part whoosh
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    what did you think i meant sillybutt :3
    at least the spoilers you were given weren't game ruining, right?
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    what was it so mindboggling that you have no words for mass effex
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    Wrex was my bro in ME
    Tali I kept around because I like her as a character and she was gonna be my romance in me2 so it felt right
    Garrus is better at combat, but Tali works better against synthetic enemies (tech beats synthetic and she can hack those guys)
    didn't use much of Kaidan and Ashley so I can't comment but I can imagine how they'd play

    but yeah both wrex and garrus are cool hooray
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    but how does it even

    how was effex
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    why flirt with salvador when you can flirt with me?

    it's useful having a person for decryption and electronics since the vanguard can't do that
    tali, garrus, and kaidan work well there
    Wrex and Ashley just kill things but they kill things well :P
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    oh that surprised me then

    I used Tali. I pumped a lot of tech powers into her so she could use decryption and electronics whenever that was needed

    but yes I used Wrex often since he's a bro

    Garrus will be used in my second run. He might be my Shep's love interest
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    how does that even make sense now omg
    bow of then your face :<

    maybe it'll turn decent to good and stuff
  14. omg good i was running out of things
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    I figured Assassin would be more your thing
    Siren/Mechromancer close after that
    followed by Commando and Gunzerker
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