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    neato :o
    too bad tute
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    Dat shirtless hug got me all HOT AND BOTHERED
    Not really but I was like "omfg Hugh is stripping my ship will come true"
    And the the &&&&ing bomb goes off before Archer can run his eyes along Hugh's naked torso ;-;

    But the greatest embarrassing dad. Also the daughter should be Asian. WHITE DAD, BLACK MOM, ASIAN DAUGHTER. THE POWER OF ADOPTION
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    working hard or hardly working
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    No and as such I must also ruin your feels in the most tried and true method I know:
    "Rider, no, come back! I need you...IN BED!"

    "Remember, I got you those brass knuckles for yer birthday for a reason. Put em to good use, like your mom did when I was a stupid, horny teenager!"
    -Lulu is having trouble breathing from laughing-
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    I am Feelsking, king of feels characters this rp
    Next time I need less feels

    "So, y'like my daughter, eh kid? Well, y' better treat her like the lady she is, 'cause if you upset her in any way, there won't be enough o' ya left for a dingo to gnaw on."
    "DAD. PLEASE."
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    Fate/Sanguine Isle more like FEELS/Sanguine Isle amirite

    In the happy end they adopt baby hawaiian boy who is Zerk reborn human
    Otherwise I want 'em to have a daughter. Can you imagine that girl reaching dating age when her dad is an overprotective Crowley
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    the only hard part is finding a suitable way for him to have heroic sacrifice
    where at least maybe archer can see it because it'd be nice for him to realize that zerk is more than a monster, even if zerk doesn't realize it himself

    good you should
    also what if the radiation on the island renders crowley unable to
    produce babby
    even if he and lulu get out of all of this alive, no babby for them ever
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    zerk is a sad guy
    if things go well at least one servant/master team that witnesses his death will be moved
    and crying will happen

    hypothetically speaking, they could be
    they are 100000000% not supervillains though
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    speaking of last night i just ran a scenario through my head about zerk powering through pikes to grab lancer and hold him up, before shouting at Archer to fire his bigass phantasm at both of 'em from however far away
    "Looks like us monsters are goin' to hell together, vampire!"
    [snarky comment from dracula along the lines of 'you really think this will atone for your sins, cannibal']
    "I don't think of this as my redemption. Hell, I don't think I even can be redeemed. All I can do is what I think a good human being would do. It's...nice to pretend, sometimes."

    he is 100% not the Kangaroo Konvict, and lulu is 10000% not the Deadly Dame Dingo
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    there are no fetching turtle women now we're screwed

    that's right it's all over now

    rest in peace turtles
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    thanks mario look what you've done

    i'm the last turtle
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    what is your life? forfeit to F/SI
    we own you!
    now i need to figure out what to post...
    Crowley backflipped over the radiation, muttering 'Crikey!'

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    and turtle jr. came from a stork

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    and then mario jumped up a lot and sat his butt down a lot and then the turtles died

    i believe in you who believes in me
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