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    Zoning out about what :333c

    Imagine, if you will, a giant forge pot filled with lava, and a stream of lava pouring into this pot.

    However, rather than lava, it is molten cheese, and missur boos man will smelt fondue shapes out of this cheese to attack you.

    Obviously touching the molten cheese is like being in lava.
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    yes you did
    it helped me with talking about book 6 because that's a large-ish change
    speaking of did you prefer the book or the movie version of the oblivion movie
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    Mami from Madoka. Also have room for maybe another from tokyo so yessss

    Any japanese games you looking for at the moment?
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    the only hints of it is that he turns older when he's not calm
    I had to look it up to confirm my suspicions

    I wanted to do the same for a lot of characters but lolspoilers
    also I didn't want to spoil that tomoe died by saying 'yeah he makes us all feel horrible'
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    also how did your TABLES TOPPING go

    i didn't get hear more adventures of amus saran
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    wow now i'm spoiled
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    everything's okay

    Honestly I still have no idea how we were supposed to use that when discussing the risks/rewards of space exploration.
    "well see here this rocket ship is pretty big yeah"
    Physics is scaring me since there's a load of curriculum and we're just finishing it up, the final is next week and the AP test is right after, we'll probably only have one or two days to actually review things
    not to mention the review packets and amount of worksheets piles on mercilessly and it's seriously overwhelming

    Yeah I started playing again, still not progressing with the story until I do some more paralogues and stuff. I finally made my fourth pairing and made Sully "Mrs. The Vaike" and Kjelle is really cool and omg I like her
    I still think the knight and general spaceknight armor is still really silly though
    Also do you have any of the DLC? I have a lot of it and played through a few maps, some of the ones I wasn't expecting to be hard actually really are, and I also played the first festival one and it's great
    >Vaike discovers Lon'qu's BIG SECRET
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    try the racsim :3

    what is so omg here

    did i tell you about the cheese smelter
    coxy tells me he should be the fondue forgemaster four/five thousand
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    it's not meant to sound delicious
    only once you step inside

    no im serious tho

    slugger ray
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    oh ok
    ok here goes

    Yeah, one of our essays once was on space exploration and included in the source packet was a picture of a rocket ship as one of the six sources, and we have to use at least three.
    AP English Language and Composition, BC Calculus, AP Physics B
    at least I'm not one of those people with 5+ AP courses

    I don't know too much about the second generation characters, I only have one of the guys though (and he is a very rude son omg)
    While I like some of them from what I've seen or heard of them, the idea of marrying the child of your current friends from the future is still sorta weird

    the scars will never leave
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    At least it's reassuring to know that these kinds of people will probably never be in any position of influence. Hopefully.
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    i got it
    our mixture of maple syrup, crumpets, baguettes, rice, chicken and fish will be the core of our new simulator

    that's the wonder
    can you tell how many jokes i cracked and how much were serious comments

    death ray
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    then it's not really aussie

    i was expecting you to want more info

    you see two negatives cancel out thus positive
    so a negative of a negative regarding life ray means DEATH RAY
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    Yep, terrible people sure are terrible.
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    Aye. My computer graphics class is filled to the brim with loud idiots, two of which are very brazen when insulting various minorities.
    And then they use the old "I'm not really racist, I have several black friends" excuse.
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