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    yes but one can't get too happy with lovethatrider
    i mean, self-insert sex fics...
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    why not girlie
    when do you think you'll be able to not rely on fone again, i forgot
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    i don't get it

    i don't know what theme park are we at
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    i dunno why zyzzx was so fun to write
    probably because he's basically me but an admin

    <&Zyzzx> Wee woo wee woo this is the fire department
    <&Zyzzx> Heard someone was being burnt to a crisp
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    hey wait so that menas it's not harriet tubman
    this is crazy this person is crazy

    golly there's like a hundred billion early christian saints
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    nah hold on i'll pastebin it

    hopefully that works
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    okay just finished it
    by the way you still on a device unable to open spoilerboxes
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    any highlights at least :Ooooooooooooooooooo
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    god i

    <&Zyzzx> See I told you
    <&Zyzzx> Objectively awful
    <&Zyzzx> Unforgivable crime against humanity
    <&Zyzzx> Etc, etc

    i'm just letting my fingers barf on the page
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    Oh I see so it's Harriet Tubman

    I think I'll try figuring it out on my own for a while unless I give up or something
    I actually didn't know rider had dark skin until yesterday night though when Jim posted his picture

    and then WHOA THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING (is it iris from pokemon)
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    **Glitterblade [] has joined #HGWSHIPS**
    <&Zyzzx> Hey Laura
    <@Daliahahaha> Hiya!
    <lovethatrider> hi
    <Glitterblade> Hey everyone, what’s goin’ on?
    <Sinverse> Hello.
    <Zyzzx> Oh, the usual. Telling Sin why her fanfiction is terrible
    <Sinverse> &&&& you!
    <&Zyzzx> No, &&&& you.
    <&Zyzzx> It’s objectively terrible and you should go &&&& yourself as penance
    <Glitterblade> Woah woah woah, back it up. What’s her fic?
    <&Zyzzx> Hold on I’ll paste the description

    a preview
    what am i doing
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    i'm in a silly mood tonight

    perhaps i'll do that side material about a HGW2030 shipping community
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    how was your day after kangarooooooo
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    i didn't put her in pigtails this time
    but you have to live with a jesus rocks shirt

    (his only waifu is criminals getting what they deserve! *pose, cape flows in the wind*)
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    then take a swoher sillybutter
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