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    i love thinking about family life raiden, ever since i saw this art up on the wiki
    just imagine this man taking his son to disneyland

    also you know, revengeance is full of a lot of important things, but i think one of the most important is how BAD everyone in desperado is at smiling
    or at least sundowner and sam
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    "john, your dad doesn't get to come to career day anymore"
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    If you don't mind Aussie political stuff:

    Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has said the refugee and migrant crisis in Europe is proof of the need for tough asylum policies.
    How does anybody get this delusional? The European refugee crisis is the best example of "push not pull". (Abbott's hard line on boat refugees is well-known and disliked here, for your instance.)
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    one person even pulled the "way it's meant to be heard" line about the original japanese, which, ugggggh
    whoever wrote speedwagon's lines, though, needs several medals
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    of course i have, i adore it
    and tumblr of course, hates it
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    yeh, those are both pretty bad.
    also as bad as martha's design is, i admit that i think her rank 4 card art is kinda nice.
    also YEP here's alexander the gr8
    this all being said, i'm not entirely doom and gloom about this. i mean, yeah, almost every lady servant is a crappy design (i think carmilla is actually pretty good given what she is, actually), and arash is generic, and...
    okay starting over: there's a few designs i adore, like. I love Darius III, and the Minotaur (a bit less when the cool faceplate comes off but still), and the big surprise is fat Julius Caesar has REALLY grown on me. It helps that the &&&&&&& stands like this in combat.

    and finally, Rank 3 Herakles is what he shoulda been to begin with
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    marhta's is hella bad, but i think boudica is up there on the "wow awful" designs list because like
    she doesn't have ANY theming that would make you think that's what she is
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    Probably Jude for me as well. I actually played as him almost the whole time in Milla's story, hehe. Alvin had a gun which was cool so I liked using him as well. Seemed like almost everyone was really fun to play as (didn't like Rowen or Leia much either), unlike Symphonia where Lloyd was the only one I could bear, lel.
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    I'd let you borrow mine but it's a download and also region lock exists for some reason

    Yeah, though I noticed that the voice quality seemed... Slightly off in the first game, especially with Milla. Like, she wasn't close enough to the microphone. It didn't really bother me, but it wasn't like that in Xillia 2, so now it's more noticeable.

    Who do you like playing as the most?
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    Both of them are great characters. They have cool arcs in the second game too.

    Also I love their VAs. Alvin is Chrom and Gaius is Knuckles the Echidna. :D
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    Who's your favorite character? Mine's Elize or Jude.
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    I loved it. The characters and gameplay were awesome. The story was pretty good, and it reminded me of Symphonia's story a little. I did Milla's story first, I'm NG+-ing Jude's currently.

    I also beat Xillia 2 which was EVEN BETTER. I got the Bad and Normal endings, and right now I'm raising affinity for the EX dungeon. i.e., stalling so I don't have to deal with Canaan again until much later. XP
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    what if star platinum was named "I'm Blue" and the battle cry was just "DABA DEE DABA DI DABA DEE DABA DI DABA DEE DABA DI"
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    Okay, that's nice. How did your exams go? And enjoy your break!

    Fortunately, France and Italy have been helpful.
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