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  1. 100 profile visits. Just throwin that out there.
  2. Ok then. Thanks. I just want to beat that. It's a shame my cousins live far away so I can't play often.
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    Knack isn't worth buying a PS4, trust me. Wait for the better games to come out.
  4. Here's an old Miiverse post I did related to BitF It took me ages.
  5. Thanks guys! Max, I'm sort of new, as I'm only 13. My first game was NSMB on DS when I was about 5 or 6. But I looove retro stuff and I'm huge Nintendo fan (One of the reasons why I was bullied at school) I've played Donkey Kong, Mario Bros, Mario 1, 2, USA, 3, World, Yoshi's Island, Land, Mario Kart SNES Wii and 7, 64, Paper Mario 1 and 3, The "New" series, Galaxy 1 and 2, All Stars, 3D Land, 3D World...I can't think of any more. Something tells me I'm missing one. Planetbox, thanks for the advice! Zant, I had a thought that the M in it meant message.
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    So, are you relatively new to the Mario series? If you're browsing the Eshop check out Super Mario World for the virtual console.
    It stands out among the classics because of it's unique art-style, but keep in mind that it is one of the more challenging Mario games.
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    Alright here is the BB code for spoilers and spoilerboxes.

    [spoiler]*Whatever the heck you want*[ /spoiler] (no space between the [ and / )

    [spoilerbox=*spoilerbox title*]*Whatever the heck you want*[ /spoilerbox] (no space between the [ and / )
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    So ye asked

    Quote Originally Posted by PowerLuigi View Post
    What's a VM? Also I think Colton is moving out today. I hated him. Not sure why. Something to do with my like/hate (mostly hate) relationship with bronies.
    Well mate, this right here is a VM. Aka a Visitor Message
    If ye ain't aware of how this works or why this is here, lemme explain it just in case: Essentially if ye wanna have a 1 on 1 conversation with someone, be it about something game related like trading, something they said, random topics, board mechanics or anything else, you post a VM on that persons' profile, and then these folks may respond with a VM on your profile. The reason why the VM system is here is to avoid unnecessary clutter in the topics, else a topic like Pokemon would be filled with pages were its just 2 folks who haggle about Pokemon.

    Also Colton is awesome looking
  9. How do I change my profile picture?
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