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    Yeah, actually what happened was he saw the noise and freaked and ran and they chased him.

    Good froggy, nice froggy...
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    Oh... well I'll get it to work out.

    Aaaaand done. I had just started running. I ran into you. It's a bit weirdly set up, but it works.
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    Oh -- oops. Are you at A-East yet?
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    No, it's okay. Masao just woke up and is just running around in circles wondering WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD. He's at A-East right now, even though he doesn't know it.
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    yes but I pride myself on knowing dumb stuff like birthdays and yeah
    I can never remember if you're my age or a year younger or what but eh I guess :P
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    aaaaaaaaaaaaa happy belated birthday
    I'm the worst ;-;
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    I never finished Revelations, but at a glance it looks like the only DLC that's story related is The Lost Archive.
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    well, I'm just starting school, so good luck! :D
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    Well, &&&&. I was starting to like the pink username :<

    Also happy (actual) birthday! You kinda died last night before I could say anything.
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    10/10 master of timing
    I felt it was around nowish, maybe last month or something, but I dunno
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    Mega when's your birthday
    I feel like I forgot it and that's not cool with me
    I always remember my friends' birthdays ;-;
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    I don't recall ever talking to you, so I wouldn't know where you got that impression from. But that's okay! Some people just can't handle my awesome genius and rugged perfection and modesty don't get along, so whatever.

    In the future though, we can discuss like we are now! There's no reason to lash out at me, especially because it doesn't seem like I've done anything personal to you! On that note, Ark's forgiven me as well and I'm not sure if he was ever too upset about it.
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    I just VM'd and apologized to Ark. I really hope no one thinks I actually hate him or I'm being ignorant or anything like that. Just trying to win candidacy! Of course, that isn't to say I'd trample on someone's emotions to do that, but only explaining how I've been acting. I still don't really understand exactly what I've been doing wrong and what I've ignored or how I've attacked him...(Recently, I mean. Not three pages ago during the whole Giganerd16 fiasco.)

    Anyways, I considered the idea of forming Bro/Shlomi/Shlomi 2012 but... I don't know. I think our silliness comes from Vince all on his own! It's really nothing serious we're vying for, and that's exactly why I'd never personally attack him or anything, but at the same time... after all this effort and the momentum behind the party... I hope I don't sound conceited and competative when I say I wanna win!
    i will roleplay the rest of the elections from the perspective of hibiki a vote for me is a vote for namco
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