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    Oh, I found this, and...maybe it'd be up your alley?
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    Hmm...I kimda like the sound of that. Like two narrators, fighting for story control!...Or something.

    But what would it be abou- wait don't answer that. That's part of the mystery.
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    Undertale AND Off?

    You know me well, Mouser.
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    Really? Aw.
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    I haven't bought this game because I don't have Steam. Believe me, the absolute one thing I want to do is to play it and cherish it and not scream at Joel to do it right, but the one computer in the house (that isn't from the 90's, at least) is used by my mom, and she wouldn't really approve of me using her computer for that sort of thing

    I can gurantee if it comes out on the Wii U E-Shop that I'll get it from that, but until then I don't exactly have a lot of options here...because let's face it, watching a stream of this game is probably better than enduring a barrage of spoilers for 6-12 months.
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    Oh shoots, I was watching that stream.

    Sorry, but...I was only half-paying attention to chat. So no, I didn't see it...sorry T.T

    (Still, though, that fourth slide puzzle...I was pretty sure Joel was legit trolling chat at that point EleGiggle)

    Though, I suppose now that I know you'll be on Joel's stream tomorrow, I'll know to actively look for you. No gurantees I'll be on it if I can't make it for the beginning, since I'm a bit of a stickler for watching the stream from start to finish with no breaks, and there isn't a single portion of this game I wish to miss. I guess if he's still in hotland if I join late, I'd still...but yeah.
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    Oh, that I might be able to replicate in CYOA mode, since it's the one I've played throught the most, and otherwise religiously know the story of. It's just, well, there's already two PMD CYOAs on here, and meither of them seemed to last very long...

    We will see, though...
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    I GOT IT.

    #Kun Plays Undertale.
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    Oh, that would be...really crazy.

    Still, there are people who use BitF and not #kun (like Puzzler...okay mostly puzzler) whom I'd hate to leave out. Also, I think I may have enough CYOAs open at the moment.


    Since it's your idea, what would you nominate said game to be? I have plans for other mainline games being played after Red, so...possibly a spin-off? Mystery Dungeon or Orre, maybe?
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    You get a cookie for playing UNDERTALE! :3
    *gives you a cookie*
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    I've only seen maybe the first 10 minutes of gameplay, and I've most certainly not seen any further than outside the ruins.

    I plan to rectify that in a short while. 2Utube!
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    ...I really need to watch more Undertale.
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    Okay, I was gonna joke about it being Pyrite, but yeah I know it's Valentina. Based on the clue.
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    Oh my god it's Umile
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