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    [C#, not C+, but whatevs ]

    It's all good, my friend!
    I like talking about code, and am not mad.
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    Happy birthday, Lenrap<name pun>!!
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    Happy birthday, Rapping Lenore!
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    Happy birthday, Lenrapper.
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    You're referring to the code in my signature, right?
    if so, I shall explain.

    [I don't know how much you know about coding, so I apologize if I am too confusing or if I dumbed it down too much.]

    The code is written in the C# language syntax, and in C#, you must declare the type of a variable as well as it's name.
    // the foreach loop iterates over elements in a list or array.
    //         V 1*   V 2*       V 3*
    foreach (Thing thing in everything){
    //     V 4*
    *1. This is a type declaration, meaning the variable must have a value of "Thing". ("Thing" would most likely refer to a class that would be instantiated)
    *2. This is the name of the variable that represents the current element in the list or array being iterated over. It is simply called "thing".
    *3. In this case, "everything" would need to be a variable containing a list or array of the type "Thing".
    *4. "furries" would probably be a variable containing an instance of a class with a ".Ruin()" function.

    So basically, there are 3 variables: "thing", "everything", and "furries".
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    I will, thank you! I may be back someday, who knows? But until then, farewell!
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    i want to ride my bicycle i want to ride my bike~
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    this is the best thing since buttered cupcakes. Also kun?
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    You live :000
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    Hi Lenny

    I am your FATHER!

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    Len of Rap I demand a smashing with you
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    Please come back.

    And update your CYOA.
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    Sure, meet me on the irc too if you can (I saw you pop in briefly because you thought no one was there but people are always there lol)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lenrap View Post
    And then we'll upgrade our attack EVEN MORE
    But eventually you would max out, and he could just lower your stats with his stat moves!

    Though, you'd probably win either way.

    Also, in your CYOA, I'll rejoin the group after they get the laser gun right?
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