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    hoppy b day
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    That's the usual result, unless your units' stats are high enough, the enemies are weak and you have a bit of luck. Which is why I like low difficulties. Especially Awakening's, because of how overpowered you easily can make your units.
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    You're playing defensively? That's probably a much safer strategy in most chapters. I almost always go on the offensive, so it's mostly luck that clears the map for me.
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    Oh. I'm pretty bad at them too, I can barely make it through normal mode in most of them.
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    I see. Not much time to play?
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    I guess you're waiting for The Sacred Stones to release on the American VC eShop, then.
  7. Awakening and "Blazing Sword".
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    Which ones have you played then? I'm guessing Awakening is one of them.
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    A Fire Emblem fan, huh? What's your favourite game in the series?
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    Hey, could you post something in Special Lololo Ops if you get a chance? Thanks.
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    You don't need to forfeit, and I mean, it's kind of rude to your team and to your opponents (not to mention yourself) to ragequit because you overcommitted and got blocked (hardly even countered) for it. I just don't understand what's the big problem that would cause you to forfeit in the first place, broseph
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    How would you be out of energy after one attack, again?

    and I mean, I just don't see what the problem is. The idea of "I did one attack and it was blocked so I lose," which is what you seem to be saying (?), is baffling to me because that's just not how things work.
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    Uh... what amounts to a punch to the chest won't kill you unless I try really, really hard, and even then it'll take a good long time. Not sure how or why you would die.
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    I'm not really sure what happened in your last Glitz post, but now we're waiting on you and Marco I guess
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    We're waiting on you and Brine for Glitz things now, by the way.
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