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    We have a big problem in the SSB4 thread, the last page or so was about sexism in video games

    This message also sent to Eltro and SNF
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    Ah, okay. I've seen some gameplay and it looks pretty amazing. I saw the final boss too, and that music was really great. I actually have it on my MP3 now, heh.
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    Have you played Metal Gear Rising?
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    SO legit last night's PotD (metaknight) didn't happen until 4 am (when you said "watch it update after i leave")
    TONIGHT, AS YOU WERE LEAVING, i checked the japanese miiverse and the new one had been up for 3 minutes, and then as I refreshed the english miiverse it was so freshly updated I caught it with 0 comments.

    Apparently it's self-aware to when you're aware of its updating behaviors.
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    fun fact: ive written more in the week and a bit since i got back than in the entire holidays
    kick its ass man
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    I've no idea where to talk about this, but.. apparently Bitf has been recognized on memebase.
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    Sorry, my intent was not to be rude and deceptive. Eltrotraw said why he wouldn't approve because of one nay vote, I told him about how it was a joke and I have proof that Mouser meant to vote (he posted a message on my wall) and when he didn't respond, I VM'd you.
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    Can you approve nerd gladiators in castle lololo? It got enough votes and I posted the thread (I know one vote says nay, but mouser who put the nay vote posted on my wall saying that he was joking and meant to vote.)
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    fingers crossed! i myself got no writing done AGAIN, sob
    yeah, id be keen to see places :o id love to be outside but gosh its cold and windy and also i find it hard to focus
    (also yes i saw the fox and thankssss)

    winter break, yeah, so the second longest in the year
    nebulous is the first mistake, i find you kinda just have to bully yourself into doing these things sometimes
    also mornings are &&&& but oh boy do they help

    short is good and i can get behind that but yeah at the moment im just in the mood to devour narratives like you would not believe
    i felt like i was plateauing - not improving on the technical stuff, while exp and gold had slowed to a trickle and rrrrgh
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    Yeah, there's positives and negatives to both sides, but I'd feel like the optimistic point of view would definitely leave you feeling more positive a larger amount of the time.

    I can usually avoid thinking about the future to an unhealthy degree, yeah, it's just the occasional time where those thoughts push everything else out of the way, which is obnoxious.
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    it's just hit 9am here, my plans for the day consists of meeting up with a friend for brunch and then... man, id love to write, but where
    congrats on getting stuff done though! holidays are anathema to progress so im glad youre fighting it

    ive been in sydney for the last two weeks or so, i head back to melbourne a week today and i cannot wait
    in the interim a good friend of mine is coming up to stay a couple of days, so at least its easymode and the home stretch from here
    once i get back i have another week of break, which i will hopefully be more busy for: i definitely know a sydney friend is coming down one of those days, and we have a vidyaclub meet for midyear orientation, and i am definitely going to try set up at least a couple of hangouts with my boyfriend (who's coming to pick me up from the airport too, what a champion)
    once school starts up at the end of the month ill pretty much only be around nights and weekends - i make a point of being out of the house whenever possible because its far better for my mental and emotional health - but i can keep up a flood of vms pretty easily

    i like platformers and stuff, but also... i dunno, if im gonna sink time into a game id like there to be a solid story as well as fun?
    which leads right into rogue legacy, there were a couple of days where i was playing it bunches but then i realised it was eating my life with no palpable reward
    so i deleted it and felt like the biggest hero
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    oh boy oh boy oh boy
    lemme know how progress goes :o

    see, even though i make a point of trying to go out almost daily during holidays, i can still never just remember what &&&&ing day it is
    but man, that with a side of constant paranoia about forgetting things? jeeeeeez that sounds godawful

    what's it similar to? i need to play more games and stuff
    which reminds me, i should tell you about my rogue legacy exploits sometime
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    but they were so (b)romantic!

    i am keen for silly ideas, and not just because i cant write silly myself
    i churned out that blog post in the end but blah my argumentation felt limp as a wet noodle urghghghhgg

    oh god oh god oh god
    time distortion is a big reason i hate holidays and
    10 until 6 wow
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    it was fun but it was also trying to pitch itself as having a story and thats where it fell apart

    i am keen to hear about it! but man writers block is the absolte worst
    hilariously bad, ehhhhhh?
    less "her problems are that she needs to get laid", my thesis runs along the lines of "the more damaged a female character is, the more blatant it becomes that shes being singlehandedly saved by her romance with the male lead and i think that sucks"

    wow late
    how do you survive
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