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    Sorry about making that thread earlier,
    I wanted to help, not worsen things.
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    i spent at least an hour laughing at that
    i need to stop enabling myself

    soon ;-;
    im already home on summer break which is nice i guess
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    my finest hour

    (are you on thanksgiving break yet? :o)
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    man, there is actually nothing worse than being done with something but still feeling like &&&&

    ...midsem break is a single day? that's actually so cruel
    surely uni holidays should be semi-standardised?
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    dang dude, life sounds rough right now
    hope you're going okay
    (i have kind of a similar issue in that all my hobbies involve screens and/or reading, so i have no way to relax that doesn't feel kind of like work :<)
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    and now i'm into exam period and my life is an exhausting mess even without taking that into account

    man, that's really sad :<
    i totally get how hard that can be, though - i moved interstate and wound up having a &&&&ing awful first year of uni
    and even now, at the end of my second year, it hasn't quite picked up to where i want it to be

    i appear missing is just so intense, i won't actually let myself drive while listening to that song because it scares me
    i remember seeing the ad for the concert and thinking "this is like boalt's ideal show"
    followed by "wait i'm not supposed to be thinking about that :<"
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    Hey there. I posted a thread for castle lololo. Think you could approve it for me, please?
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    it usually goes okay if i set my phone and laptop to the side and just focus on it but like
    focus is hard

    wow, that actually sounds &&&&ing nuts. good luck man
    i also don't mean to pry, but i didn't know kenz was leaving? i guess that's what i get for never being around any more, haha

    i actually have kind of mixed feelings about like clockwork? i love i sat by the ocean, and if i had a tail, vampyre of time and memory and fairweather friends are also pretty fun? it's just the rest of the album doesn't hook me in quite as much
    i appear missing is actually one of the best pieces of music i've heard in my life, but i can never listen to it these days, because it's the sound of complete and utter despair so i try to keep away from it
    and it was this year, actually! with nine inch nails, who i keep meaning to listen to but never do. amazeballs
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    i usually just desk it, with mixed results

    its cool, i know how it is
    senior year sounds like the worst &&&&ing thing ever, i'm in my third and final year of uni last year and i just deeply do not want it
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    speaking of, i honestly struggle to find nice writing spots
    it's often too cold or windy to be outside, but cafes and the like don't really work for me

    yeah that's super-excellent, procrastination actually going your way for once haha
    he's a real bro and i'm v lucky
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    man, sitting by the river sounds really damn nice
    i'm a huge sucker for parks and stuff like that, so dang

    i mean, i've been putting it off, but that really made me feel no better
    (doesn't help that i'm in sydney, far away from uni and resources :<<<)
    at least my boyfriend came up to visit for a couple of days, which was nice
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    have you been recovering? :<

    yeah it was &&&&
    i'm a little better, but i'm on break and still have work to do
    everything is exhausting
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    Hey, I noticed deku_link got banned.
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    yeah! you're welcome!
    and wow, that actually sounds like the worst thing ever
    a few days of busywork usually totals me (see: the last three or four days, where i scrambled to put together two 2000-word essays while also coming down with a bad cold)
    but wow, a whole month? you must be running on empty :<
    really glad stuff is clearing up, though!
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    Do you know how to make a poll like deku did?
    I wanna make a poll in my usernotes to find out if i'm awesome
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