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    I would probably sell some of my organs for good food.
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    I would recommend bribing with food. There's a bit of a dearth of good food at college.
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    I am not sure if you ended up helping out, but if you did, Thanks I really needed the help there.
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    Well it's a third-persony game but compared to say demon's souls, its' very fluid since everything is much faster and you can jump. you've got your weapons and there's skill trees that let you use various special attacks, like with daggers as the strider class you can do a flurry of blows. Or using the bow as the same class you can shoot a lot of arrows at once. I don't remember how many classes there are exactly, but there's around 10 with 3 to start, but I'm pretty sure the later ones are objectively better (like the magic archer or whatever).

    You have your own pawn (ally) that you can customize and you can summon two others, from other players, and you have to keep changing them to keep up with your levels, since only you and your own pawn will level up. So I thought that was pretty interesting in that your party keeps changing and you can sorta interact with others (not sure how many people will be playing now). So yeah, you jsut explore a rather open world with your merry band of weird psudo-human friends and fight enemies and explore dungeons, and there's some sorta story but it's not too clear from what I had played.

    And yeah, while it's not like every NPC will say arisen, pawns certainly do. And they do it a lot, and yes, almost everything is weak to fire while you'll bust out light for teh undead and lightning and ice for... when you need different sorts of spells, I guess. But yeah hearing IT'S WEAK TO FIRE can be pretty annoying because it's every damn enemy and every damn encounter weh, just pray you don't summon a pawn with an annoying voice. I actually don't dislike the idea itself, but they're chattier than I'd like and I wish they had more varied lines. I did think it's rpetty cool that they might talk about the lore of an area, so like if you summon someone's pawn who has already been through a dungeon they may talk about it more. And giant enemies are seriously fun, if you ask me. They've got parts you can break off, you can climb on them, and you just get cool music and a sense of fulfillment when you finally take one down.

    one annoying system is that NPCs gain an affinity for you the more you interact with them and such, which sounds interesting since you can build relationships, and the one you're closest to becomes important later... but it's not that well implemented and the end result is that the innkeeper or blacksmith falls in love with you since you talk to them a lot while the person you actually like loses

    also chamy only composed like 5 of the songs from this particular game, mostly ambient and a few ok ones

    this all sounds negative but its' still a worthwhile game, I'm sure I'd have liked it more if I played more.
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    Only for students who bribe me.
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    I'm grading on a curve.
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    You get a D+. You better pull your act together if you hope to pass this conversation.
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    Yeah... I haven't heard of any of those games having exceptionally good soundtracks or anything, but there's a lot of good games there and I assume they have soundtracks that are also of good quality. How bizarre.

    The song isn't bad, it's just incredibly jarring to boot up the game and get that after the gentle piano intro. The rest of the soundtrack is the ol' fantasy chanting and orchestral, with some electric guitars. Good enough, really.

    I did like Dragon's Dogma and a lot of its ideas, I just didn't stick with it enough. Things I liked least is that it seemed too open-ended and I was pretty confused with the story from what I played, and I felt like the equipment, loot, and forging systems were weird and not didn't give me a sense of progress (as in, upgrading a weapon needed rare, high-end stuff - didn't really find many shops or treasure to just pick up and put on, i dunno how to describe it). The pawns could also be a little annoying sometimes and it bothered me that every damn thing in the game i - IT'S WEAK TO FIRE ARISEN, FIRE WORKS WELL ARISEN, ARISEN USE FIRE ARISEN IT'S WEAK TO FIRE, AUGHT AUGHT AUGHT

    you'll understand when you play

    But I did like a lot of the game's mechanics, picking up and throwing stuff, and the combat itsel fi cool since there's a few cool classes and skills. The whole grabbing mechanic is really cool too, and the game makes good use of its mechanics. For example, a huge griffon ambushed me on a road and I could grab on to it and attack while it flew off, or alternatively I could shoot oil and then fire arrows at its wings to make it fall down. It's a good game, but I probably won't get back to it anytime soon.
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    Wait wh

    but this guy has actually worked on respectable games that weren't lambasted for terrible soundtracks, what hte hell

    Dragon's Dogma music was ok, like I didn't really remember any of it but it's got decent fantasy stuff. The worst music-related thing I remember is the hilariously unfitting title screen music for the original unexpanded game, but that was probably some band or something.
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    man have you seen YNI's credits though

    I just watched them and I think the funniest thing si that THE THING doesn't even coincide with anything happening onscreen, it just happens
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    i did it i listened to the whole damn thing

    itdidn't seem to include most boss music but otherwise that was all

    no more, no more
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    I am almost certain that I've been called Fondude at some point but I cannot remember when or where.
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    Happy Birthday!
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    Don't party too hard, dude.
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