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    Yeah it's especially weird getting a random notification on a forum that's been dead for more than two years on the verge of 2017, haha.

    Ah, that's ok

    Yeah I've heard things about the removal of the PSS, which I'm honestly shocked about since it was such a great and easy system to use with online? I've heard of the hassles of people trying to just battle and trade. And having to unlock certain parts of the online through grinding sounds... really backwards from what gen 6 did, but luckily it seems that's the only step backwards they made? EDIT: since I've been going through the game now, I do think it's a step below the PSS, but at least battle and trade are in two huge categories. Though accessing an entire area from the menu from whatever you were doing before is just, why

    I've heard the game lags no matter what 3ds you have, but yeah, wow, if there's more than two pokemon, you'll motice a framerate drop easily. I guess that's because the two trainers are also there too?
    I liked my decision with Moon and all but I am devastated by Turtonator being sun exclusive, also lycanroc midday as well. If you have any of those that'd be pretty great.

    Been really enjoying the game so far, just beat my first encounter with Guzma, and fully evolved my darrrix to a decidueye, just in time for its Z crystal. I was surprised actually om how hard some totem pokemon could potentially be, with totem wishiwashi calling an alomoloma that heals it, and the totem lurantis either calling a supersonic trumbeak or a sunny day castform that'll let it solar blade whenever it wants (not to mention it already has a white herb, and synthesis, that fight actually took me a couple tries, haha) . I've really liked a lot of the little improvements Moon made from convenience to trainer models finally resembling sometjing like the Orre games. Right now I'm just hunting all the minior colors because I really like minior. Really also like how the region is based of of hawaii, that just makes it even more relaxing to play sometimes.

    The switch definitely interested me, though I think I'll have to wait a bit and see how it does before getting it, seeig as how the wii u did. If a pokemon game for the switch does actually happen, I think I'd like Stars. It's been awhile since a third version game came out. Spla2n is nice, and mario kart 9 seems like it'll be interesting as well. The thing I hated most about splatoon is the 4 hour rotations for 2 stages. I kind of wish at one point they'd upgrade to 3 stages, but they never did. Idk, it just gets a bit boring when the rotation changes and you get like, moray towers and port mackarel. Did play a ton out of it though, even racked up 1 million points on the krack-on splat roller and recently I've switched over to the much faster carbon roller deco. I've been interested in overwatch, seems like a much better team communication game than Splatoon at least
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    Oh hey, you're still around! Here's a chatroom if you want, since y'know

    How have you been doing? Thoughts on the upcoming Switch? Oh yeah I haven't actually gotten Moon yet, but I plan to for Christmas. From what I heard it's really shaping up to be a good game. I have however, finally beaten Alpha Sapphire in preparation and currently am going mirage hunting after doing almost everything there is to do in the game.
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    Ah, but at least you had a valid excuse. I simply forgot to reply.

    Okay, so those RPG Maker games are actually decent. What sets them apart from the rest? (I would ask "from Creepypasta", but that site is better named "Crappypasta".)

    Now for something rather different, how do you like Germany, in general, such as life in Germany?
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    Okay, what would be examples of the better ones? Do you also watch LPs of games that you like?

    Oh, no I wasn't.
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    Oh, RPG Maker horror games? That must be quite something.

    Let's just say, whoever did that was a moonbat.

    All right, I'll stop bugging you with that line of inquiry, then.
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    Oh, I thought the games for his LPs that I saw (Mother, Earthbound) were pretty good. Of what games did you think?

    I wonder whether the translation was in-house or by a specialist. Probably the former, by somebody with limited skills.

    I see. The reason I asked was the massive difference between the German government (really CDU-CSU) and the German population on some basic LGBT issues (eg. same-sex marriage).
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    Ignore my boring politics question if you like, but if you don't, how do you feel about German politics?
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    Here the weather has been exceptionally cold for a longer period than the heat wave. It doesn't have to say anything about where you live in Germany, but I hope you get the same.

    He was rather showy in a way, wasn't he?

    Ah, "Ness hat eine Fledermaus"?
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    It might be because I first started drawing for real on the GamePad as opposed to paper. :P

    But yeah, no problem. Glad to know you like it!
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    But anyway:

    Happy birthday! The jewelry was a bit of a challenge but I think it turned out well. Hope you like it! :D
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    Happy 7Eleven D-I mean Birthday!
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    Well, I have a semi-order. On SSMB, a Sonic forum, I ask in the statuses which characters I should draw in the communities. Fire Emblem was first, then Sonic, Kirby, R.O.B., Pac-Man, and Kid Icarus. I've drawn Pit already, so Palutena and Dark Pit are next.

    After that it's Mr. Game & Watch, and then I'll make a new status asking who I should draw next. Also if a character has another form, gender or character as an alt (Olimar with Alph, Robin with Female Robin, etc.), I'll do two drawings for that character. So, for example, when I do Bowser Jr., I'd draw him and Ludwig (my personal favorite Koopaling), in separate posts. :D
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    How has your birthday been so far? Even if the temperatures were unlikeable.

    I must say I've never really followed any of gaming's e-celebs, I only watched a few of chuggaaconroy's LPs.

    All right, that's interesting. It means there's a semantic difference with Dutch "schallen" which does specifically mean "to reverbate" (to be honest, semantic differences between the two languages aren't that strange).

    What was wrong with the translation? (And what language version?)
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    That's actually perfect, I've been drawing all the Smash characters and Palutena was next on my list. :D
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    Have a happy birthday, Tai.
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