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    You've been gone so long, I came back.
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    Been awhile since we've talked, so I was wondering how things have been going with you.
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    Something's missing...
    *puts hat on you*
    There we go.
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    Some studios seem to put in voice acting as more of an afterthought than anything. I don't think they realize that it's something that can affect a game negatively if it's done halfheartedly. I mean, if you're going to work hard on making things like the gameplay and music up to par, then why not the VA work? It's kind of crazy how Sega never really seems to fully learn from its slew of mistakes with the voice work in Sonic games, save for a few gems here and there.
    Then again, I haven't played Generations yet, so I wouldn't know if they've improved in this regard or not.

    I guess we'll see. I haven't been able to play it since then because of other distractions.

    Do you have anyone to play it with, or no?
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    Yeah, he just sounds silly. I mean, I know he's 8 in the game, but still.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. But oh well, as long as it's still fun, right? ...Right?

    For the PS3 or 3DS?
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    Hey. Just wanted to drop by to let you know that I picked up Sonic Heroes yesterday. :o

    The voice acting is pretty awful, and most, if not all, of the lines I've heard so far are laughably bad, but that was to be expected.

    Now, I've only beaten the first two levels and the first boss fight, but the gameplay so far feels a bit...I dunno, sloppy? That's the only word that really comes to mind at the moment. I mean, it's pretty fun, yeah, but it just doesn't feel very polished, and I found myself mashing buttons to complete most of the first two levels, resulting in me wondering what exactly I did to beat them. The game feels pretty unfulfilling because of this, but maybe it's just something I have to get used to.
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    Remember me?
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    I don't think they'll stop making Rabbid games, as they make a lot of money, right?
    Oh, it was?

    Yeah, it probably will within the next few months.

    Oh, and I "finished" Origins a couple of days ago. I say it like that because I only got to the credits. I still have a couple of levels and skins that I need to unlock as well as completing all of the medallions, which should be fun.
    But yeah, I had a blast.
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    Oh, OK.
    That would be nice, yeah.

    Yeah, that would definitely explain things.

    Yeah, almost all of the Rabbids games have been received decently at the very least, which is a bit surprising.

    I wholly recommend you pick it up, needless as it is to say.
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    I haven't played many third-party Sonic games.
    I think I only played the demo for the HD versions, but they seemed pretty similar gameplay-wise to the DS version.

    The game's about celebrating Rayman and his pre-Rabbids phase, though. I think Ubisoft realized that true fans of the series wouldn't care for or would be against having Rabbids in the game, as many of Rayman's fans aren't very proud of the course he went after Rayman 3.

    I've never even played any of the Rabbids games.

    Oh, and I picked up Origins on Saturday for 20 bucks off the original price, which was nice.
    I've played through about 40% of the levels in the game, unlocked all but the last two costumes, and collected 5 of the 10 skull teeth, mostly with the help of a couple of friends. Needless to say, we had a blast playing it, and although it can get a bit hectic at times with 3-4 people on the same screen, it's a lot more fun to play with friends than it is to play alone. It lowers the difficulty considerably at times, too.
    That isn't to say that the game isn't fun playing solo, though.

    But yeah, the controls are fluid, it's a lot of fun to play, the music is whimsical and amusing, and it looks fantastic in HD.
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    I don't think I've ever played any of the Riders games.
    Speaking of Sonic racing games though, S&SASR (I'm not typing that all out, haha) was pretty good; at least for the DS it was, since that's the one I bought.

    I don't think it'd be in very good tastes to have the Rabbids in that game.
    Oh, and here's the full list of character skins in the game (From a message on Gamefaqs):

    Globox Rayman
    Red Globox
    Teensy Ray
    Teensy Globox
    Generic Green Teensy
    Goth Teensy
    Princess Teensy
    Wizard Teensy
    King Teensy
    Ninja Teensy
    Teensy who lets you get Treasure
    First Grand Minimus Teensy
    Undead/Zombie Rayman
    Undead/Zombie Globox
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    There's a lot of what-ifs when it comes to Sonic. It's a shame, really.

    Yeah, maybe I'll end up buying it someday.

    Heh, yeah, they're pretty cool. I'm just glad Rayman 2 seems to be nodded to a lot in the game.
    Oh, and speaking of characters - without spoiling anything - there's more unlockable skins than I thought there would be.
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    Yeah, the falling-off-of-cliffs problem was the worst in 06. Just...ugh.

    I never had a Gamecube, but I have a Wii, so I guess there isn't really an excuse. I'll probably get to playing it eventually. Or not.

    Oh, one review complained about that.

    Yeah, according to most of the reviews, the checkpoints are uneven at some points.
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    Yeah, I just prefer the gameplay in 3D Sonic games and sections more than in 2D ones (Well, most of the time). Even in Colors, I preferred the 3D sections of levels more, for the most part.

    >Never played Heroes. >_>;
    But yeah, that sounds like a bit of fun.

    Yeah, the greatness of the artwork is what most all of the reviewers agree on. I like the fact that some of them say that it's almost like playing a cartoon. I myself am a big fan of the graphics, and the fact that they're all hand-drawn is pretty amazing.

    As for the difficulty, some reviewers said that it remains pretty easy until the second half, while others have said that it spikes in difficulty near the end. Still others say that it remains nice and even, and a few say that it's uneven and often too hard at times. This leads me to believe that the game is different in difficulty for everyone, depending on your skill level. I myself am decent at best at platformers, so I could see myself getting frustrated at times.
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    Here's a dirty little secret I have: I enjoy 3D Sonic games more than 2D ones, often by a lot. I dunno why.

    And what was the gimmick?
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