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    Quote Originally Posted by 9kirby99 View Post
    Um, guys, SBSam thinks my power is too overpowered, so I'm open for suggestions for a more balanced power. Anyone have any ideas?

    How about making the Gravity Shift a literal shift of gravity? You could basically move the pull of gravity on one object to you, or the other way around. Drawbacks are obvious. Also, you could do an amazing Heroic Sacrifice by shooting something into space at the cost of crushing yourself

    But to be honest, I think it'd be better to have a single theme - say, time, gravity, or shadows. The theme goes for the Soulbend, powers, weapons, and drawbacks, so it doesn't seem so... random.
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    Again, it's your decision. If anything, I may just make it open to everyone to help me decide on what to do...
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    Which brings up the question, how would he be able to tell what the shadow of an object was at night?
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    That too seems rather powerful.

    What if it's night? That basically means he can teleport anywhere, without much cost.

    What about other people's shadows? Teleporting right into a person's shadow? [A shadow directly beneath them could prove fatal]
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    ...You're choosing to alter things that hurt the most. To be honest, that's probably a little worse than the gravity's like a powerplay, but hidden. You're basically forcing the poster responding to you to basically change his past, which is...well, pretty large.

    Your abilities seem to verge on these large shifts on such large's way too powerful.
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    Note that I'm also saying that the ability itself is also...well, pretty powerful. I'd personally change it.

    You're also taking the whole weakness thing a little too literally. If you want my advice, I'd probably change the ability; ability because changing gravity...well, it's really powerful, and the weakness doesn't seem nearly enough to compensate for it.
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    Well, I don't quite mean direct correlation to the character, more as a subtle influence.

    ...You have two weeks. I'm sure you'll come up with something.
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    That's up to you. I can only help you by telling if the weakness is too weak or strong. Not to mention weaknesses also have to do with the character...albeit in a rather subtle way.

    My character's a little more careful, more decisive on who he fights, when he fights and his brand of fighting style due to his weakness; he can't afford to go all out unless if someone stops time for long enough to heal him [my other Heroic character]. Generally, he decides to hit hard and relentlessly because of it.

    Weakness spells some character traits out, helps with strategy and persona.
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    ...I saw your submission for The Battle of Souls, and I noted that your's a mite overpowered. Sure, you get a gash if you use it extensively...but you also have dual blades that can and will slice through any matter [not to mention that weapons and shields and such are normally launchable to a short-mid range distance]. The pay off seems small for something so versatile...
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    Stop sending me soppy messages!
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    Eh. I have a weapon planned, and a Broadsword is needed. Thanks, but I have a better weapon as is. Need it only for synthesis.
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    Hey, 9.

    I would like you ask you for that Broadsword. I'll give you the Bloodberry in exchange.
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    Sending in reinforcements, over. Should arrive in 600 hours, base.
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    I do too; it'll be the first one I've joined in a long time.. Really hoping it gets another approval from lady Lenore soon, though. >,<

    I can't hop on the chat right now, but how've you been doing? (Tell the others I said hi, btw)
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    I've been pretty much dead for the past month, so it's unlikely I'll be doing much posting of any kind for a while. Go ahead and remove me if you want.
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