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    I'm afraid I'm often more of a lurker! I do read other threads, however.
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    by the way, I did reply to you in the SSB4 thread, about why I think Sami is more likely than Andy, both because female, and an actual soldier, being more unique, while still equivelent relevancy as andy
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    Heya, DededeMan, I just threw up an art topic, you might want to take a look, I just did a drawing of Mike Jones from Star Tropics yesterday
  5. Thanks everyone!
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    Happy birthday.
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    Happy Birthday! Hope you have an awesome day filled with festivities and other such wonder.
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    Guess who's old? It's you! Happy birthday ol' chap!
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    Happy birthday, you old coot! I just so happened to be on the forums today! Here, as a gift, you can have... um... this thing!
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    ...Really? Because I loved it! In fact, I was just about to say I was as entertained by it as I was with The Avengers. Maybe I just need to get past the initial excitement and think about it in a broader sense, but I honestly can't think of any actual problems or grievances I had with it.
    Fair enough. Of course, I don't expect everyone to agree with me--glad you enjoyed it, in fact! What are opinions and tastes for, after all? =P

    Admittedly I do think the film set out mostly to be an entertaining film (what with its action and focus on humor), not a dramatic character-piece. And I can totally see why people would enjoy it for that, sure. Heck, I laughed during it quite a bit myself! But, at least for me, it committed way too many sins in regards to the content lying beyond just its action and humor, and as a whole is structurally bereft. I've rarely had as strong a reaction to a film as I did with this one.

    Just thought I'd shoot a reply to clarify my stance a bit.
  11. I worry if when I apologize, it actually means anything. Because when I actually apologize, I ALWAYS mean it, from the bottom of my heart. Either way, I really regret what I said about The Suitor, if only because it sounds so terrible when I read it.
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    I'm also bad at apologies
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    I also use &&&& and &&&& as adjectives too much and should have shut that off while making the post because THE BAD LANGUAGE makes stuff look very aggressive unintentionally
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    yo I wanna apologize
    I made an edit in my post but you probably didn't see it since you were viewing the page as I did it

    I got riled up because of The Suitor and those implications and I kinda exaggerated how much I disagreed with you
    excluding The Suitor and A Glitch is a Glitch our opinions kinda line up or have to do with "Hey this episode was good because of reason"/"Well I thought the episode was ok because of reason" or "OVERREACTION"/"UNDERREACTION"

    in fact a lot of things I addressed as "disagreements" were kinda lukewarm feelings and/or something we actually agreed on but differed on a minor point (I kinda think Bad Little Boy is an example of that one). the only real "bad" opinions were suitor/glitch, glitch based on taste and suitor based on sexism implications

    sorry to pop in on a bad day and then &&&& on it a little more

    at the end of the day we both like AT though, yeah? and apart from season 5 probably agree on a lot of the good episodes or overarching plot (ie. great mushroom war episodes etc) driven ones

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    Oops. So I added you but forgot my Nintendo Network ID. I'm DFdfleming if you ever feel like racing.
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