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    Oh really?
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    Ok so my friend code is: 0619-3270-2105.
    And my miis name is Nick.
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    Hey, do you have a Nintendo 3DS?
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    Hurray! We're friends!
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    Yeah, same here. Too bad I can't because of college and my family (financial stuff, most likely). Hopefully in the future I will be able to go.

    No problem.

    Friends? XD
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    Awww...delayed by school and midterms and such.
    Well, he went to the San Diego (CA) one this summer.

    I also showed someone else BITF and your art! She's easily entertained, so yay more laughter!
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    I know, and he's awesome! Sadly, he had never heard of BronyCon (until I showed him your dA profile and pointed out your entry about it), but he did go to ComicCon and saw MLP there. And I introduced him to your art! But he's busy at the moment (essays and such). Hopefully he will enjoy your art! :D

    Classes are okay, but sadly the short time is both good and bad. Less time for math (so far class is about integrals as in calculus and that is review for me) is good, for chemistry (which I have no help on in terms of previous chemistry classes since I have never taken any) is bad, and for art history (modern art is the topic, but there's plenty of art pieces and their artists' names, their names, and their date of creation to memorize, plus writing essays is involved only in this class and not the other two) is not that good but not that bad either.
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    Hey there again, and there's definitely a Brony on my floor (he has a Pinkie Pie!) How's school going for you? It's fine over here, with all that time between and after classes spent on homework and roaming around and exploring and seeing other people and YouTube and such. But the time for a class is different from what I am used to. Class time is shorter and there's plenty of people in the lectures.

    Random line here. ~(^v^~) <Hi~!)
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    That's awesome! I'll check these right away!
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    I know him to.
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    Do you know Chuck Testa?
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    Pretty good to.
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    So, hows it going?
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    I'm also good, getting along with my floor mates.

    Hopefully, I will get back to watching the series. For now I should focus on my college education, unless I happen to have free time. I might likely continue the series on Winter Break or something like that.

    Well, your school must really be large!

    That is quite an interesting dream. Heheh, I remember Barney, that purple dinosaur.
    Well, you might have had an overly active subconcious or something, or that, or something else.
    I also should have written down my dreams, but oh well.
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    Yes I say Spongebob is only a Sponge.
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I like to make people laugh. The best way for me to make people laugh is to make comics. I also make them for the fun of it or to make/prove a point.
I usually make comics based around my favorite Videogames; Minecraft, The Elder Scrolls, and Nintendo. I also am into My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (yes I'm a Brony) and love to make jokes/comics about that too.
New Hampshire
Video games, Drawing, Minecraft


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