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    Do you have any idea why Ted Cruz ranks so low among this demographic?

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    SNF, would you be willing to exchange some form of contact information (skype, steam, etc.)?
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    It was. It was on how they argued against adaptation by means of natural selection in evolution.

    They did not do this to argue against evolution. I would typify them as radical Gouldians and they are in any case rather vocal about their atheism.
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    Do you recall a discussion we once had about Fodor and Piattelli-Palmarini? Would you care to reboot it?
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    i adore fe, but i have incredibly mixed feelings on awakening
    don't listen to me though shhh

    duuuuude that's cool
    i got mm for my birthday but haven't gotten around to it yet, keen for whenever that happens though
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    mine is finishing inquisition, then witcher, but i'm also in the middle of like five different fire emblem runs
    i'd be keen for xenoblade but new 3ds >:
    i do hear pillars is REALLY REALLY GOOD tho so maybe i'll try it out when the price drops
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    hi wow i'm late on this
    i'm honestly somewhat critical of israel myself (and i barely consider myself jewish anyway - the identifier i use in conversation is "agnostic, born jewish" - which causes a little friction with my parents but w/e let's not talk about that)
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    Really, that people made some of these extravagant assertions is... surprising, to say the least.
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    ah man, you're so lucky - i'm only halfway through semester and i've stopped caring so so very much
    and you're looking for an internship? that could be cool

    haven't played kh but kinda feel like i should? idk i could super go either way

    hey don't sweat it!
    tbh i don't even remember it haha
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    i love that there's a case to be made for most of the major characters in mgs2 being kojima for one reason or another (raiden, rose and solidus are the ones i've actually thought about but i'm sure you can extend it)
    and yeah the reputation line struck me as weird at the time but i didn't think much about it, that totally does make sense though

    my favourite line is easily
    because it was supposed to be a big dramatic moment before the final fight but the timing and delivery just made it hilarious (and i think raiden makes this ridiculous face after that line too?)
    i still laugh when i think about it tbh
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    i did yes and i adored it
    (will begin mgs3 either today or tomorrow hopefully)

    you didn't tell me as much but i'd be really interested in hearing it
    i've heard raiden compared to both kojima and the fans, so which is he in this theory :o
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    blargh will i have to do an elf run
    (i really wanted my next one to be male qunari mage so i'll leave solas until whenever)
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    i guess i don't really feel like changing races would add that much replay value, bleh

    i think solas is really boring but blurgh i feel like i should do the romance
    (maybe i'll just youtube it)
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    1's is in an incredibly random place in the story, but it felt like an interesting shakeup since it had puzzles

    at the same time though, inq has less legitimate choices (and i don't think i could get three interesting romances out of inq the way i could 1 or 2)

    yeah as i said, writing is super uneven
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