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    oh god I forgot markup language was a thing I used to know
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    Not gonna lie, the first time I tried trading with a friend i was a bit confused, heh... It was much simpler in XY.

    As for the version exclusives, you are right on Turtonator, but only partially on Lycancroc. While Rockruff's evolution in version exclusive, the Pokemon is not. You can actually catch both Lycancroc's in both versions, just, well, not evolve Rockruff into both. If you intend to use that mon, I could evolve your Rockruff and trade it back, otherwise you can simply catch it later. But I can get you a Tutunator, sure. Come to think of it, you have Moon so you probably need Alola Vulpix, too? If you want you can add me on Steam to make trading easier.

    And yeah, Totem Wishiwashi was a nightmare. You have a Pokemon with nearly legendary stats and a partner that heals HP and status effects and all that as your second or third boss. I'd even call that the hardest Totem battle in the game. I also see Lurantis mentioned a lot (as you just did, too) but I think I lucked out with that one as it didn't give me any trouble at all.

    And I definitely agree, I also like how you can finally see your trainer in battles now, just like in the console games. That, coupled with the removal of the chibi overworld style actually makes it worth to customize your trainer. Also good luck with the Miniors, thex can get pretty annoying. But it's a pretty cute/funny looking Pokemon and I heard it's also pretty decent to boot.

    Speaking of the Switch, I'm looking forward to the presentation next month, I think it's around the 13th or so. Pretty curious what they'll show.

    And as for Splatoon and Overwatch, OW wins by default of actually being able to communicate with your team with more than just two pre-set lines, that differ between EU and US to boot.
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    Eh? Was not expecting a message on these boards anymore. If ya don't mind tho' I prolly won't see yer reaction in a while or so.

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    Hello :3
    I haven't been around here in a long time. I'm surprised there is still some activity.
    How are you?
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    Oh man, sorry for being late, didn't pay much attention to here. Thought it would probably just a spambot or so, heh... Guess I was wrong. Bit weird getting a message on a dead forum, but thanks for asking, doing relatively well, hopefully you, too.

    Thanks for the invitation, but fact is, I'm too shy and bad when it comes to smalltalk for chatrooms. I know it sounds weird seeing as this is a forum and all, but even on Steam I barely talk to anyone. So I'd probably just sit there silently. I guess I could give it a thought, though.

    Also good to see a fellow Moon player, Gen 7 is a good gen although it sadly has some... questionable design decisions, as always with Game Freak. The biggest issue for me is the removal of the PSS, you basically have to stop playing if you want to do online interactions with other players, which is weird seeing how well online was integrated into the main game of Gen 6. Now online is limited to the Festival Plaza, so you are stuck in this small space and can't run around and catching/training Pokemon.

    Also the absence of good training spots is weird, considering the Hyper Training can only be done with level 100 Pokemon. But I don't wanna say too much in fear of accidentally spoiling things and it's still a pretty good game, just stay away from the Battle Royale if you have an old 3DS, it lags like hell. But if ya need version exclusives, ring me up, I already have a living Dex, so I can easily breed what you need.

    Oh and as for the Switch, it sure is interesting, no doubt. Also Splatoon 2 hype? If that's a real thing, I just hope they get rid of some of the limitations, like the stage rotation or even mode rotation (unless they got rid of that already?). As much as I like Splatoon, I stopped playing before we even got all the stages. I think I did 2 Splatfests before I stopped caring about them. Meanwhile, months after buying, I'm still playing Overwatch quite a lot. That game is addicting, despite never being huge on FPS before.

    Man, look at me rambling on, sorry for that wall of text, hehe.
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    simplified is for weebs
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    wanna go m8
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    I want that forum to DIE. Just make that happen.
    Oh, that's just messed up right there. XD Ahem...


    Probably not how the original line goes, but there ya have it.
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    is this forum still a thing
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