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    It and many other scenes were cut for time issues.
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    It was already supposed to be a movie, it was just made especially for TV. I think it's even gone to cinemas in a few countries (the only ones I remember right now are Poland and Spain).

    But, yeah, ATSD is amazing.
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    oh sorry. everyone thinks I'm getting mad today. I was just say other people even after comparing it to other console prices who still think it's overpriced are dumb I wasn't trying to call you stupid.
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    Yeah the wii was a higher price then that. So saying it's over priced is really just stupid.
  5. View Conversation thought that was overpriced?
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    How do you know the wiiu is over priced when they haven't said it yet?
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    That's one big reason why I like Kirby. Where I can laugh at people who have recovery problems.
    And then I get beaten by some idiot using cheap moves 99.99% of the time (*coughcough*Luigi's fire punch*coughcough*)
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    Ah, those embarrassing moments. The same thing happens with the final cutter move. Talk about recovery.
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    Yeah, and hammer as well.
    Occasionally I KO myself with stone though. REALLY emabarrassing.
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    Eh, I really don't know. I'm good with kirby, but I'm not GODLY.
    I probably use stone a lot if I get thrown around.
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    Well, I guess hard work paid off right?
    If I did Boss battles on intense, I'll just use kirby! I just hope it works...
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    Wow, you're good. I don't do boss battles very often, so I don't know how much I can do. The best I can do with Tabuu alone is hard. On very hard, theres a small chance I can do it.
    Yeah, I haven't playing a lot of Brawl lately.
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    Hm, I see. I use kirby because I can recover easily. You know, how he flies. I can also use Fox, Falco, Pikachu, Samus, and Meta Knight. I use them (and kirby) to fight Tabuu.
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    GO KIRBY. What character do you play as in Brawl?
    Me? Kirby.
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    I actually don't have a lot of games, but I like Pokemon, Kirby and Zelda. Conclusion: I am a Nintendo person. sortof.
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