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    Behind on schoolwork, having to fix up a house within the next three months is super stressful (my dad's transferring), my neighbors hate me because we wanted a fence so they'd quit screwing with our plants and pets, feeling inadequate about some personal things, and I get this horrible feeling of loneliness every night.

    Kind of the norm for me honestly.

    Nice to know you're doing well, though.
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    somewhere in-between okay and not okay

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    Sorry for the really late response! My laptop was getting repair work done on it, and I just got it back. ;^;

    Hmmm. If you say it's good, mayyyyyybe I'll watch it then.
    It would be tricky for me to watch that without my family knowing about it though... And they give me enough crap already. :/
    <Plus I've also started getting into InuYasha, which I like :3 >

    Thanks!! =^-^=
    I need to do something with my life :P

    If you haven't watched/started Wolf's Rain, watch/start it nao!
    The thing about SAO [in my opinion] is that the first half of the show was pretty good; the plot was interesting, there were a bunch of strong characters, and everything was fine. (not absolutely amazing, but fine nonetheless.)
    But the second half (the division between the two is very obvious if you watch the show btw) sucked. Without giving any spoilers, they ruined one of the best characters they had, and it was filled with stupid fanservice-y crap.
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    Yeah, the Tweet I saw didn't mention it was an old advertisement campaign. Pretty cool though.
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    Okay, that's nice!
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    I was curious how you like British society, to the degree you have experienced of course.
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    So... Did you happen to see the Inazuma Eleven crossover with the Minions from Despicable Me?
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    did somebody say "furry"?

    I agree.

    Hooray! It's always nice to not have to stress about school. :D

    I did a quick scan of Google's results for "Show by Rock!!", and it looks a little... meh to me, tbh.
    No offense to you for liking it! it's just, I dunno how much I'd enjoy it...
    I might give it a shot because furries, though.

    I've been good as well; I might be able to get a paid internship in a programming position, so I've been honing my coding skills.
    But on the other hand, I've been kinda lazy too... playing lots of Minecraft on a furry server I like, hanging out with my friends, and watching anime.
    [ I've watched Sword Art Online and Wolf's Rain, Both are really good in my opinion. ]
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    Kinda sad, this was my first forum, and one of the least toxic communities out there.

    Ah, that sounds nice to be able to relax haha.

    I've been doing alright, I just finished exams as well, so I've been trying to catch up on my backlog of games now that it's summer.
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    Don't worry. I wouldn't really expect a response to a simple birthday wish in the first place.

    Off topic, but you're British, aren't you?
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    Mmm that's alright, this forums pretty much dead by now anyways haha

    How have you been?
  13. That's ok
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    :000 you're back
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    Hi there. :3

    We have not spoken for a long while! Sorry for not talking on Twitter at all.. I have like 0 followers there >.>
    Anyways, how's it going, pal?
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