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    Well, Chidori is a downgraded version, so you don't have to be as fast.

    If the character has a sword though, he could use Sword of Kusanagi: Chidori Katana, or just Chidori Katana (or the blade of your choice, I suppose.).
    Since it doesn't really matter who the original creator of the technique was here, and it pulses through the sword with a blue lightning effect.

    Lightning Blade doesn't create a blade.. It creates an orb of lightning.
    Chidori Sharp Spear is the closest you get to a blade without it coursing through one.

    Sorry for going all fan-boy on ya.

    And, I'm glad you made a Naruto reference, as well.
    Just.. Forgot to say it at first.
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    You know..
    I could go all Naruto-fan technical on you, from you using Raikiri (Lightning Blade's Japanese name)..
    But I won't, because I'm somewhat tired, and I remembered the forum contradicts canon a lot as well.

    Was he fast enough to use it, anyway? I mean, you've got to move faster than the human eye can keep track of to be able to use the attack successfully.

    Okay. I'm done with my mini-rant, now.
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    Dammit, not again!
    C'mon self! Wake up! Wake up!
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    Heeeeeyyy, I caaannn seeee threeee fllyyyiinggg birddss abooovee meee~

    *passes out*
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    Oh, alright. Besides. I'm just hiding along going "LOL I ATTACK" pretty much. I really have not much to worry...
    I'm not jinxing it, am I?

    Wait what.
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    Oh, okay then.
    Quick question: Like the last battle, will it kill people again? Like what happened to Box and Engie?
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    You better not...
    You should make an alternate reality ending where I get the emerald and go Super Saiyan 3 and use my ultimate attack, killing the entire planet.
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    Oh, okay then.
    I was like a bit worried thinking I broke a rule or you ignored me.
    Though I did read the circuit part, but I didn't know whether that was me or no.t.
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    I edited my post a bit. NOTICE IT THIS TIME, OK?
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    Nah, you're fine, you're fine. I enjoy listening to rambles anyway.

    If you feel like things are that devoid of humor, then yeah, I'd say experiment with it a bit. There might be times where you try it and it doesn't seem to be quite right, but you'll get more and more of a feel for it as you go. You should also have a gut feeling if you start overdosing.

    One key to good humor is to build up someone's expectations to one thing, then hit them with something else. MJ was describing a situation that nobody else has likely ever experienced (and could be considered a bit slap-stick-like, which I've always enjoyed), and he was doing it in a very matter-of-fact way (how else would he do it?). Those things just didn't seem to match up in my mind, so it came across as being funny.

    The duels don't really have a set length. It's more about planning out what different things you want to see happen (along with some winging it, of course), and seeing as much of it play out as possible. I think the reason the original went so long was because both combatants had a lot of tricks to their names, including several that were contributed by on-lookers. There is the fact that the two of us have looked at writing together for years and have some degree of symmetry with it, but I don't think that was a huge factor.
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    Oceanus' happiness went up by over 9000 points!
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    BTW, who did he crash into?
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    ...that's it. Johny is going DOWN.
    I hope you enjoy it.
    *evil glare*
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    they're one real clustercuss

    at least they don't scare the cuss out of me
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    Yeah, I hear ya. Folks who are close to you sometimes try to encourage you by always saying it's good. I always try to pick out what's good and what could use improvement when I critique things because I appreciate it when folks do the same for me. I don't see any obvious problems (which is good news by itself), so it's a good sign you're on the right track.

    As for humor, you just did it my advice is just not to think too hard about it. Humor comes along naturally, and if you try too hard to include it, it's very easy to over-dose it.
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