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    okay so

    we may or may not all be in purgatory right now and it may or may not be my fault
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    it is sad seeing him all stressed because of the smash bros. game, especially with everyone bickering about who they want in the game.

    ehhhh... my grades are okay for now, but i'm expecting my higher level classes to drop their A's any minute now. i'll see what i can do about that.
    i actually love my english class. very fun and interactive. my history class, however, the complete opposite. ugh.
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    man, have people been wanting that for... ever. only time will tell.
    though, there hasn't been anything kirby happening in the game industry lately, but that's sort of expected, since sakurai is very focused on smash right now.

    how's that working out for ya?
    i wanted to be an engineer before... but those elementary C's and D's on my math scores sort of discouraged my dreams.
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    man, i should really invest into buying that game someday. but it is sort of near impossible these days unless you look online.

    damn, that's some top level stuff right there.
    knowing that stuff would be cool, but even the must basic fundamentals of technology still goes over my head... i'd rather stick to just using them. d:
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    for some reason, i can never play mario party at actual parties... people start the game, but give up halfway because they lose interest. sad.
    though, smash bros. and mario kart are always the life. for like, 20 minutes. then everyone takes advantage of my internet.

    ouch. but you're pretty lucky for having a neighbor who could do all that... that explanation still goes over my head.
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    maybe i want to try one red cup party... just for experience
    but yeah, parties that involve a fun video game is always a blast. lots of screaming and such

    welcome back and stuff? i assume you've gotten busy
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    oh stop it you

    it could only be, like, 75% tops
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    man, remembering all this makes me realize that for the life of me i've never went to any of those parties that aren't filled with families and families of other families. as in, parties of just friends ands is in your age group who walk around with red cups chatting and playing beer pong.
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    it's bad, yes

    but not as bad as, for instance, the time we almost caused several apocalypses
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    well, filipinos are pretty much related to mexicans, so that explains it
    man ethics are so weird
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    i find it odd how the filipino race always does something like that
    whenever my parents hosts parties or get-togethers at my house, usually by around mid-day there are mothers in the kitchen all washing dishes together and cleaning the house together even though the party isn't even half-over

    yeah, it is nice to have your guests do all your dirty work, but doesn't that defeat the purpose of a party?
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    eh, we've been in worse situations
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    i find it odd that when we do those sort of "vacations", my mother always does most of their chores. which, again, i don't understand how that qualifies that as a vacation.
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    no, our souls souls are soulless

    *ghost tableflip*
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    exactly! that's why i personally hate it when my family says it is a vacation when it is literally take advantage of your relatives living there. not only does it feel rude, but it just isn't fun, because most of the time we just help them wash their dishes and use their cable.
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