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    I'm not a cosplayer myself (never even been to a con . _ .) but I do think it's a cool practice.

    But then, so are video games and procrastination. :P
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    i'm especially super jealous of those smart-who-does-nothing types - ones that will do the work and whatnot with no sweat, alongside take tests and exams without the need to study and still pass. i want to be like that.

    disneyland is a tourist trap. a fun one, but it's still expensive and crowded. that doesn't mean it's amazing, still. and as a person who has been to chicago, you're quite lucky you have that - hollywood and LA in general is pretty much the new york/chicago of the west coast... and it doesn't even compare still. d:

    haha, sometimes teacher stories in the middle of class can be fun. reminds me that they are people. but of course, it has its limits.

    in relation to english, but not in relation to the subject, &&&& me man. i took my ap english lang. & comp. exam today and &&&& &&&& &&&& &&&&
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    that is 100% the truth. i could be #100 for all i care if certain people actually did their work. otherwise, it's almost unfair to a degree that a person is in the top 30 for actually doing the work instead of knowing the content.

    eh, cali in general isn't always the last resort people would want to move to. it's getting crowded over here, anyways. though, if anything, i do like living next to some of the US's most famous attractions, like disneyland and hollywood.

    pretty much. teachers are pretty complicated people sometimes. i'd honestly never want to face them outside of the school setting; it'd be awkward as hell.

    it'd also provide a lot more motivation, since getting motivation for college and majors literally when you're almost out of high school isn't good. not saying they should force it, but earlier ways of knowing who you want to be and sticking to it would be easier for many to do better in school.
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    Oh man, I totally forgot you watched raocow too!
    Although I'm even more surprised you actually remember who I was, haha.

    Thanks man, appreciated.
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    not to sound braggy or anything... but i'm #28 out of ~500 GPA wise, and in the top 15 overall (including clubs, volunteering, etc.). so.. yeah. although, the thing is, i barely made it onto that list - everyone else on the list is considerably better than me in every aspect possible. so yeah.

    eh. outdoor schools are okay. all you really gotta pray for is good and consistent weather. when it's hot as hell, lunch is a pain. when it's raining, there is literally nowhere to eat except in the crowded hallways. you also find a lot of squirrels running around.

    that's a good point there. though, not entirely true - i can name a few teachers that break that theory. although, i also notice personality based on how they respond to certain types of students in class (ex. loud ones, shy ones, "thugs," etc.)

    if anything, my ideal way of school would be teaching the basics in kindergarten/pre-school, teaching generally every core subject in grade school, and then allowing more freedom of classes in middle and high school for college. that way they don't waste time with all the required classes and instead learn things that they can value, or that they are interested in for college. that's just me - i'm aware of its flaws, but i'm just sick of learning things i will never, ever, ever need
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    yeah... i feel like what i do is an overload. but it doesn't even compare to what the top-top students do. i'm fine where i'm at, but sometimes i feel like i'm never getting into college because i'm not up there with the best.

    little off topic, but is your school an indoor or outdoor?

    i guess the little details really matter to them. we may not realize that now. but for now, if it is the definition of passing or failing, it should at least slide.

    the generations to come in my area are boned. it'll be WWI all over again - a lost generation of students who failed high school because of these dumb tests.
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    that always scares me. and the fact that even though i think what i do is a lot, compared to hundreds of other students across the nation, what i do is nothing. although, if anything, a lot of film schools are recognizing my potential and that's making me happy.

    well, they make the announcements the period before it airs - that leaves them with roughly 55 minutes to gather info, shoot, move locations, shoot more, edit, upload, and prepare. mistakes are inevitable. but some mistakes are just plain stupid.

    that sounds &&&&ing stupid. i'm going limits and stuff and when we forget to right "limit n -> x" or whatever, she will mark us down. not enough to fail us, but i can see why that's important to always write. but simple arrows? what

    it's basically: will this test be able to improve our schools?
    (hint: no)
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    now if only college was the same. i honestly wish i knew for sure that i had a solid 100% chance of getting into a good college, so i can stop overloading myself and go a little easier.

    i think the only embarrassing thing about our announcements is that they're sort of... poor. when they do skits, the music is louder than what they say. when they do text announcements, the text is too similarly colored to the background, moving too fast, or a lot of text is on screen at once for a short period of time. kinda shameful, considering that to be in that class you have to had passed video production 1.

    and then there's the teachers that literally check everything, thus docking you for anything. i don't know how my math teacher can spend so much time reviewing every question in our math packets. and considering the amount of homework we do, yikes.

    today i had to take the dumbest test ever. it was one subject revolving around 6 super hard thinking math problems. i just gave up half way through and put half assed answers since they don't count against me. all i know is that it was long, hard, and you basically had to be an architect to answer the questions. and again: it was on the computer. but at least we had scratch paper. if the new test system is implemented, future generations in my school are &&&&ed
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    my school has been pretty lenient on rules like those. but then again, that's why we have many students who'd you never expect to get into an AP class actually get into an AP class with almost little pre-requisites, other than an A in a super easy regulars class.

    wow... no offense, kinda sounds lame. gotta get a TV program for your school, man! it's cool having almost news-like announcements daily, with the students saying "x club is meeting at y" with a mic in front of various landmarks at the school, or entire skits promoting prom and whatnot. and of course, we have themes, such as motivational mondays, putting inspiring clips from movies or funny fridays where they basically rip out a funny movie scene or youtube video and stick it in the announcements. so yeah! just sayin' d:

    ugh. do you have any teachers that assign a lot of homework, just to only get the assignments, look if it's done, and then give full credit? that's absolute &&&& right there. makes me feel like i waste time.

    huh... nope. like i said, SATs/ACTs are on weekends, so they don't really interfere with anything. however, we are getting effed up by other weird testings our school is trying to implement, which, by the way, are absolutely stupid. we took an entire math exam... on the computers. with no scratch paper, and it was 85% free response. how the &&&& do i foil a tri-polynomial equation without paper/showing work

    (four school related conversations at once? internet chatting game 2 stronk)
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    huh. ap studio art is open for all grades, as long as they've finished certain art classes. but then again, chances are they will be juniors or seniors by the time they are open to take it.
    i wish i could join my school's announcement class, where they make the video class announcements and stuff. that looks fun

    that actually sound an effective way to learn, especially if you technically know the content to begin with. wish that was the case for me; i'm swamped with homework
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    whoa. we lack creative writing, a full-on photography class (it's just yearbook for us), and digital art. that sounds awesome. i'd love to take a lot of art classes, but schedules. :c
    i mean... the only class you don't seem to have is guitar and AP studio art, right?

    optional homework and a senior-mostly class? dang. though, i'm just curious, but how does the majority of your class being seniors grant you an advantage when it comes to learning the content?
    my teacher even said that if she had the chance, she'd rename her class from honors pre-calculus to just regulars precalculus. we're that ahead.
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    i'm pretty sure then it might be based on school/area. and really? can you share some examples?

    it's stupid. you can pass the class without turning in a single assignment, however.
    yeah. regulars are barely learning the basics of trig. but then again, i was in honors trig last year, so yeah. we're on antiderivatives and whatnot right now.
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    maxin', relaxin', shootin' some b-ball

    For the first time in a long time, all is well in my life. So... I'm well. I spent my spring break pretty much the same way you did: relaxing and doing stuff with my buds. It was a good break.
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    do you think you have any other differences in the east coast?

    well, it's a 30 point quiz. but then again, all our grades in that class are quizzes and tests. 5 page math packets with 50+ questions total round up to around 5-10 points. :\
    i'm technically in pre-calc, but in honors pre-calc, which is basically regulars calc. so yeah, i can sympathize.
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    our school is pretty lenient about it. they have SAT classes but for the most part they push us to take it, but we can choose to not take it in the end. weird how this is all different.

    well, i've dropped an entire letter grade from a recent quiz. i can't imagine what my test grade will be like now.
    i'm not swamped, more so, i'm just confused. i just don't get calculus most of the time.
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