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    You're welcome, Thane.


    I think Thane is correct.
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    Happy birthday!
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    Happy Birthday, Dovahkiin!
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    Huppy birfday
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    ~Happy Birthday, Radesaw Khyit~
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    Same here

    Are you asking if I have any or if you want to be friends: The answer is yes
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    Neat, Comic-Con is one of the two conventions I REALLY want to go to (other being E3)

    Awesome, thank you
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    ComicCon! Which one NY or Californica? What year too?
    Oh cool thanks :D

    Short math class which is nothing but review... sounds nice
    Chemistry pretty cool, I've taken a class on it (wasn't that good at it but still enjoyed it)
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    Pretty good, got alot of good classes (though the students are not quite enjoyable XP)
    But you know, it's good
    Short classes? That could be good and bad (good if a history or math class bad if an art or music class)
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    That's good

    Yeah, college work is very important and very time consuming (so my brother tells me)

    I wouldn't really know, I'm use to the size of the school and I only have 4 other schools to base it from (elementary middle brother's college [which is slightly bigger] and the college I was thinking about going to [Boston AI])
    So yeah...

    oh well, live and learn
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    I'm doing good, you?

    Ah, I understand. Good for you; trust me, the episodes get better as it progresses

    Most likely, my high school is bigger than some colleges

    Yeah, I can still remember a dream that I had when I was like 4. I woke up (in dream) and drlecided to fly down the staircase. I flew into the kitchen and looked out the window into the backyard where I saw Barny the Dinosaur drinking nuclear waist. He then grew 50 feet tall and yelled "I'm gonna take over the world! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha" Then started to run to take over the world.
    Now I know in some cultures dreams are philosophical and stuff. This dream tells me that I was a messed up child... XD
    And I know I haven't had a night without a dream, but I can't remember some of the dreams
    I wish I kept a dream journal to document all my dreams the night I had it, like my older brother has
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    Well I use to dislike everything MLP related on the internet. Then I decided to actually watch the show to see why there is so much of this stuff everywhere. I actually laughed at the jokes, found the writing incredible, and the characters fascinating. Now here I am with the Lyra Avatar and over 30 fan art pictures. So yes, it's VERY entertaining, and at least looking a little into (though you'd have to watch more than just episode 1)

    My school is ok, pretty large (but really depends on your definition of "large") about 7 buildings, and the teachers range between extremely nice to Satin's Offspring.

    XD Pretty weird
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    I understand
    Yeah it was

    It's ok if your not a Brony, or if don't even like the show, doesn't bother me just as long as your not one of those guys who HATE it and post death threats on everything MLP related (I've seen some of those)

    Oh, that's what you ment, ok
    I use a mouse for my digital art. I hand draw everything then scan it to the computer and trace over it in Paintshop Pro 7 or Photoshop. I would use tablet but I tried a regular one and it didn't work for me, so if I get a tablet I buy one with a screen on it. As for the Photoshop type I use CS4 (that's what my school has for I don't own photoshop)

    YAY for weird dreams :D
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    A great day to me is a day of success, when I feel like I started/got a lot of work done/finished a project (like an art piece or a game) instead of lounging on the couch watching TV

    The presents were great, I got tickets to go to Bronycon as an early present then for my actual birthday I got a T-Shirt and wallet (Fluttershy on T-Shirt, Rainbow Dash on Wallet). I didn't want anything because I already got the tickets, but my mom got me those anyway (maybe because my older brother (Mike) went off to college the day before my birthday and she thought I was upset, which I wasn't)

    That sounds pretty fun

    Thanks, I use pencil and paper for my pencil and paper art, and Paintshop Pro 7 for my digital art and sometimes Adobe Photoshop (I say "sometimes" because I don't own it and can only use it at school)

    Spoiler: So yeah, I had a great Birthday, way better than my 16th Birthday 
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    As for what I did on Sunday, nothing much; woke up, checked the internet (as usual), got presents, went to the mall, went to Taco Bell for lunch, played New Super Mario Bros. 2 for the rest of the day.
    Thanks for asking btw
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