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    Hey dude, merry Christmas. Stay warm.
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    Hey would you be interested in co gming a game?
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    So are we still waiting on the enemy team?
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    Nothing in particular, just pick whatever.
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    That's a pretty good speed to move at, if you can keep it up.
    faster than jason
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    Will we be able to expect a DotF update in the near-ish future?
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    Seriously, Nich, can you not bump AtoL when it's inactive? I can keep my own handle on it, I'mm working on a lot of other things right now, and I don't want the publicity of long update times to affect any newcomers who want to join. Besides, I don't give annoying bumps on DotF, so I'd rather you not for AtoL.
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    [sorry it took so long; went ahead and got permission even though I knew he'd agree to it]

    he's aerront, I'm meta_mind, you can go ahead and add the both of us if you want
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    Aeront is still alive on Skype, but he's been kinda straying away a bit from BitF lately. From the discussions we've had, it's pretty safe to assume he's still interested in DotF, but I'll bug him by Skype about it if you want
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    I want Chaz to have great damage, great accuracy, great speed, medium magic defense, less-than-medium health and horrible defense. Also, did you get my PM about skills I want Chaz to learn as he levels up and what sword I want Chaz to have? Thanks!
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    The BitForums will still be here, but things will be cooling down shortly, if I'm reading the current trends correctly. With that said, I am interested in seeing if there's any new audiences; I've already branched out into the BitFinity forums, and will probably try a few things there.
  12. Probably Tatl or Proxi.
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    Well, looks like the comic's taken its last act. Where to now?
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    Did you get the ginormous skill-PM-canceling skill PM I sent you?
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    Alright, not a problem. We'll miss ya, but we can put in a replacement for your Master. When I've selected one, I'll send you a message, and you can send me any info or suggestions you have for him.
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