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    :o Happy birthday, Starlight!
  2. Oh, yay. I've changed so much since I was last here.
    How joyful it is to update all my &&&& to be more accurate with my current self.
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    I have no problem with you playing Minecraft. In fact, I've been playing a lot myself. (Xbox version, of course.)

    Oooh! Okami! I love Okami!
    I've never actually played it, though...
    I've played its sequel, Okamiden! I really enjoyed it. I thought the brush abilities were really cool and the art style was fantastic!
    The story was really interesting too, what with it taking from Japanese legends and such.
    And you got to play as an adorable wolf puppy so that's just awesome by itself.
    I hope to play the Wii version of Okami someday.

    Are you enjoying Okami?
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    Hi, Tired!

    Haha! Hi! I'm doing pretty good. Just been really busy with procrastinating schoolwork.
    I'm happy that it's December, but I hate cold weather...

    How's it going on your end, friend?

    (You don't want to see me when I'm tired. I laugh uncontrollably at everything.)
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    So, about your sig... I think Treepix is bigger than Piperis... Just saying.
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    Well then... I think you were a wee bit overpowered. xD
    That sounds like it was a lot of fun! And a sweet place to make a house! Hopefully you won't get grieved again... heh heh heh...
    *somehow finds your server and destroys all your stuff!*
    (Man, I wish I had at last one sapling on my mushroom biome map. Then I wouldn't have to spend every waking moment thinking "Dude, what will happen if I use up all the wood in this world? HOW WILL I SURVIVE?!")

    Yeah, that would be fun! I pretty much free to play whenever. (I think.)
    I'm too scared to even play on normal mode! I die kinda fast sometimes. xD
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    (Super late response )

    I don't think I'll get a Steam anytime soon. I no have any cash.
    I've played Terraria, but I don't like it very much.
    But I might download TF2 sometime. My friends say it's fun.
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    I sea.
    But I no have steam. :/
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    Dang! Those darned chunk errors!
    Sorry to hear that, pal. Losing game data is never fun.

    But on the bright side, me and my dad just finished building a computer that is waaay faster than my old one. AND I GOT MINECRAFT ON IT!
    (It's my brother's account, but might get my own sometime.)
    So maybe we could play sometime?
  10. New weird profile colours!!!!!
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    Hm. Ok. My favorite personally is Moviemakers, as that got me started on Eddsworld.
    Kill us all!
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    Totally unrelated question: Favorite Eddsworld movie?
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    Ehh... Sometimes... Proof: Squids.
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    Should I bump into this converstion again and prove I stalk the Bitfourms too much? SHOULD I? Nah. It's definitely not like I already watch YouTube too much and know literally every user you two are talking about right now... also, yes. I am stalking your account. Now shut up.
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    Hey, sure. my steam user name is... Kiptoke... (It's so original, almost every site I use doesn't have it!)
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