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    The Bloodberry. Travis' default Beam Katana, it's not the strongest of the bunch...however, what it lacks in speed and power, it makes up for in longer battery life.

    Also, had a thought; Jason's got a lot on his plate as is. I'll hand you the Bloodberry after the update.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Banana
    Kiwi Intro
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    Also. Got Skullgirls, but I can't pull the Gregory Samson. It's backward hadoken KK, but it doesn't register...
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    Think nothing of it. I'll hand you the Bloodberry in the morning.
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    ...Pardon, I don't believe I've ever explained who I am in AtoL.

    I have two Beam Katana and a weapon in the works that will effectively be better than both of them. I have a measly conducting baton, able to absorb the force of any attack and redirect it, along with a few spells.

    Long story short, the most this'll impact me negatively is if Col Legno isn't actually built, leaving me one weapon short...of the two beam katanas I have. It's no skin off my back.
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    Go join in yourself, the button is right there
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    ...Perhaps I could send you a birthday gift next year. Then, complications.

    Anyway, AtoL can get rough. You want a free Beam Katana to start you up?
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    Fair enough. It seems basic, but there's quite a bit you can do it with. Kind of like silly putty, but...well, more.
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    There's a AtoL wiki up, by the way. Editing in your character page might be something to consider in the future with proper stats.

    Being the lurker I am, I see you've gotten a proper introduction to AtoL; that being said, any plans?
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    ...Welcome to the crew. *adjusts tie* Hope you enjoy your stay in the AtoL land.
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    "I stared into the black soul of the demon before me, before yelling out, 'HAVE AT YOU!' and charging at the beast, my fist raised in justice."
    Our affectionate name for this sort of thing is "Going Meta"
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    Oh and don't worry about pestering me with questions, I don't mind in the least; ask away until you're satisfied.
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    But like, how do I start out? Just a sword? Do I have any powers?
    - You don't have any other equipment when you join, nor do you have any powers or abilities whatsoever, but you gain powers by repeatedly performing actions and/or skills. Let me give you an example; Let's say you first join and you decide you want to try and coerce enemies to join our side. In doing so, you would probably learn the skill Charismatic Speech, allowing you to persuade enemies easier. You could then continue to use and hone this skill until you learn a better version of it, or a variant of it, if you so desired (ex. you might specialize in bribing enemies instead of just talking to them in general). Or, you could do something completely different, and become a Diplomatic Hammer, telling the enemies the error of their ways while beating the tar out of them with a giant mallet. This applies with all fields; offense, support, everything.
    Basically, you gain skills based on what skills you already tend to use and what your preferred playstyle is.

    The game is really freakin' open to let you do anything; we have rainbow mages, an alchemist, a time travellin' electrician, a pure defense, a seriously through one means or another you can practically become or do anything you desire.

    Am I level one and therefore severely underleveled? Are there even levels?
    - Yes, you start at level one and gain EXP based on Criticals and Blunders, participation, and "a subjective measure of awesomeness"(quoted from GM), so you'll be behind on levels compared to some of us. Leveling isn't that big of a deal, though; it mainly just increases your max health and gives you a free skill based on your playstyle.

    How do I initiate an attack?
    - "I attack that slime with this fist.", or alternatively, "I stared into the black soul of the demon before me, before yelling out, 'HAVE AT YOU!' and charging at the beast, my fist raised in justice."

    When I look for things, do I find them just by saying "Heyo found a nuke" or does the GM decide?
    - It's like RtD in that sense; you can say, "I look for an explosive," or "I attempt to find a weapon of mass destruction," but the game is somewhat RNG based, so your action is never guaranteed to succeed, nor the item you find certain (though if you were looking for something specific, you could say, like, "I look for a nuke or the components to make a nuke," meaning you'd eventually be able to make one, if you wanted to)
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    Well, we defeated a ninja Infernape and Bomberman (I actually helped by fiddling with a fusebox and causing the entire electrical system to backfire - I was pretty proud), had three newcomers drop in out of the sky and join our little band, and a bunch of us got cool titles (you're currently speaking to the Shrewd Electrician).

    And then several of us advanced our own personal story lines but that's where it gets complicated.
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    Also I'd recommend doing an Archive Binge

    I know it looks intimidating but it's really a brisk read, and it should answer a lot of your questions
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