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  1. Apparently he hasn't caught the whole "friendliness and tact" message of the show yet!
  2. Alright, then I'll revise my message and make sure to not post anything similar to this again, though my video on my YouTube will stay (it's just me blocking a guy on steam because he kept spamming me with hate mail about the show while I continually say "I don't wanna be a brony")
  3. No. I'm serious. Flame shields or no, flame wars are going to start if you keep this up... and in this case, the moderators are going to side with the Bronies. They don't care what the flame war is about, they will quench it, and whoever started the flame war is the one they are going to blame.

    And as for the whole "Its intended audience is for little girls, so why are people other than little girls watching it" thing, since when have intended demographics been a problem? This is hardly a new phenomenon. Ever heard of Sailor Moon? It got huge amounts of viewing from older male audiences. Please don't judge a show by its cover.

    I'm afraid to tell you this, but you are alone here. You're definitely not alone on the internet, but you definitely are alone on these fora. I don't want to report you, but you're not really giving me a choice here.
  4. Oh, don't you worry, I've got my flame shield set to maximum. COME AT ME, BRO!
    Also, since when did I like the show? It's intended audience was for little girls, and it's THEMED FOR LITTLE GIRLS. I DON'T WATCH THE SHOW.
  5. Quote Originally Posted by Nojical101 View Post
    I wonder, do you by chance hate bronies? I despise them and don't wanna feel alone here!

    I'd be careful if I were you. There are a lot of bronies on these fora, and they don't take kindly to being trolled or insulted.

    I've never seen the show, but something tells me that grown men and teenage boys wouldn't be watching it unless it was really, really, good. Bronies have gotten bullied a lot on the internet on sites like 4chan and SomethingAwful, (no surprises there) and I'm not the only one who sympathizes with them without actually being one of them.

    That show has a very, very bad case of Girl Show Ghetto Syndrome.

    I'll admit, it's kind of creepy that guys like you and me like a show like this, but that's not the point. Bronies, however strange this may seem, have feelings too.

    Poke fun at Twilight, it deserves it.

    Like this.
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