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  1. totally understandable :P
  2. i think its because we were both exhausted
  3. i had to get rid of nearly everything we did because it sounded bad in context

    sorry ;_;
  4. I really liked the chops in the Wolfgang Gartner part
  5. awesome (that's not an inevitability, you know)

    anything you liked in particular? o:
  6. of course I did :3
  7. ah, so you're who she was showing it to :p

    she seemed to really like it, more than i'd expect

    did you like it? o:
  8. Already listened to it in the car with Emi today- she burnt a CD of it :3c
  9. oh god

  10. >the coming to the paris

    i wish this were fake
  11. Oh boy :B
  12. >mfw going to arrive at 2am

    i have a wonderful story for you, lol
  13. flight's delayed as &&&&, i probably won't be back early enough to see you
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