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  1. Then Jace and Lennie were bffls
  2. And it is the kind of bonding experience you remember FOREVER
  3. And then we manage to stumble back to wherever it was we came from and pass out
  4. And now we drink to that and end up getting totally plastered
  5. Cheers to whatever the hell is going to happen, Lennie!
  6. Hahaha, well, here's hoping, Jace!
  7. We're both gonna do great in the stuff we have to do
  8. It does. :\
    And hey, I'm sure you'll do just great.
  9. Jeez, that's really just adding insult to injury. Again, best of luck, that sounds absolutely horrendous...
    Going back to school will certainly be a snap back into reality, it seems
  10. Ha, thanks. And yeah, they'll be awful - got a set late July and early August, and then finals mid-October until the end of the month. Unlikely I'll get much forum access either, which really just compounds it.
  11. Thank you! I wish you luck during your exams, those are just about never fun.
  12. Well, different experiences for different school systems and all that. Good luck regardless!
  13. Haha, yeah, I could definitely expect that. From my siblings I've heard some bad things about mostly Junior year, but we'll see what my experience is like I guess
  14. Senior year is even more stressful. At least where I live. :P
  15. Haha, yeah... I mean just this past year I was taking a sophomore class, next year a junior class. If that doesn't imply stressful situations I don't know what would :P
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