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  1. megaaaaaaa
  2. well, I'm just starting school, so good luck! :D
  3. Thanks man!
    I kind of need that egg, tho, so I'm gonna stay awake till you're available.
  4. Well, &&&&. I was starting to like the pink username :<

    Also happy (actual) birthday! You kinda died last night before I could say anything.
  5. Ah, that makes more sense!

    But yeah, anyone a Medic?
  6. Deathfish.
  7. Also, who's Deff?
  8. Saxton Hale Mode.

    Dude, I am in for every match ever. There's a huge group in the main thread.
  9. VSH?
    Also, Pik and Deff are planning a match when it comes out, wanna join in?
  10. But yeah, MvM's blown my mind. Co-operation's one of the main reasons I love VSH so much, I can see myself playing so much of this mode.
  11. Of course, this begs the question of why your computer is so un-cooperative.
  12. My computer wouldn't boot. No clue why.
  13. How'd you manage that one?
  14. Stuck with a &&&&ty computer that can't run skype :/
  15. Ugh, really should be sleeping. Nothing of concequence from the crates, but I went on a hat-rebuilding spree and got a Superfan.
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