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  1. It's fine. And thanks.

    The Xbox One in general just cracks me up, as does the new Sony slogan. I mean, it's nice that they're trying to add a new generation of consoles and all, but that advertising... it's gotten to the point where anytime someone mentions water coolers around me, I find myself holding back a chuckle. :P
  2. Sorry for the delay, it's fixed now.

    I love Sony but damn, that was one of the funniest things I've ever heard and I want to make fun of it every chance I get. Same for "the new water cooler" with Xbox One.
  3. Hey, Boalt: if you're not too busy, couldja fix something for me? When I was first entering my account info, I typo'd and wrote June 1 as my birthday instead of June 2. It wasn't a big deal last year since I hadn't set it to display the birthday, but it's been bugging me more or less all day this time around. :P Could you go in and fix that, by some chance?

    On another note, I applaud your biography so much.
  4. Oh yeah, your birthday was on Pi Day wasn't it. I found that hilarious last year, I seem to recall.

    Anyhow, happy birthday! Here's to surviving another trip around the sun!
  5. It's pretty nice to hear that actually. I've heard quite a few stories and lawsuits where that was going on, but at least there's some teachers down south trying to do the right thing and teaching the truth rather than blatantly misinforming students for their own agenda.
  6. Quote Originally Posted by Lightningboalt View Post
    I can only imagine southern states have that farce bleed into numerous public schools as well based upon the many stories of creationism in public schools I've heard the past few years.
    I will actually say that I haven't heard this taught, and I do live in South Carolina. This didn't necessarily warrant a post in the topic, but I'll go ahead and let you know that I personally haven't heard this taught - in fact, I've had a few teachers who went out of their way to point out that it wasn't true.
  7. Alright. Thanks!
  8. You can basically post anything you want in the OTCD as long as it doesn't devolve into a series of one word spam posts. It's sorta an anything goes type of deal.
  9. Hey Boalt, you're online and experienced. And a mod.

    Is the OTCD only for real-life (or non-forum)-related events? I'm asking because I have a little joke "organization" which I felt at first warranted posting about there, and I'm not sure if to do so would be within the rules or not.
  10. And then there's Easter early the next month...
  11. Celebrate Pi, and then remember Caesar's death. Then we relax for a day with no festivities! ...and then a ton of people get drunk.

    March is certainly an interesting month, to say the least.
  12. It's funny how Pi Day/your birthday comes right before the Ides of March.
  13. My birthday was cool before Pi Day became a popular thing, I swear. Thanks!
  14. Your birthday is Pi Day?
    I call hax on... the universe or something.
    But I wish you a happy birthday and another trip around the sun anyways.
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