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  1. Okay. I'm not too knowledgeable about these games myself...
    Well, I've got nothing more to say. Good luck with your Centipede shenanigans, there.
  2. I have a few sites myself i order from often, and they never let me down since theyre not run by seperate users.

    Ive been lookin at this for a while...they emailed me saying tis finally in stock, so im happy. I had a PC copy but it woulden't run right. i blame vista. And they say the msot abundant one, for PSX failed miserably, and the dreamcast was pretty good. but the PSX version led people to think it was a bad game...such a sad fate.

    now that ive bought klilpar's dreamcast off him, i can get it now!
  3. Well, do whatever you can. I think it's possible to change the email address associated with your eBay account, but I don't know too much about PayPal stuff.

    Do what you must to be able to use eBay properly. It's got a lot of retro goodies there!
  4. my goal is to aquire every version of centipede, the arcade is no exception.

    Well, my mom allows us to load our own money to her debit card [kinda like a credit card, bu you load your own money to it] so thats why i order stuff from the interwebz alot. So feulin tried to make a paypal so we could use eBay, but something on it just didnt work. so she tried to set it up again but it said THIS EMAILS ALREADY USED!!! even when my mom got her new debit card, no prevail. I guess we could use my email instead of moms though.
  5. Yeah, I guess I do buy from eBay a lot. I don't think I'm running out of money...yet. Most games are cheap, it's only a couple I've bought that have been expensive.

    And PayPal hates you? Hm. Well, there's not much I can say. My mum set up my PayPal account to eBay so I'm not entirely sure how it works myself. It can't be too difficult. Though, you do need a bank account. Ask your parents about it.

    Also, wait, you're seriously considering owning a proper arcade cabinet? Well, good luck with that if you manage.
  6. I dont care i mildly dislike earthbound so that doesent make up for it D<

    Awesome obscure games suffer form lack of pictures, like frogger 2.

    you buy from ebay so pal hates me so i cant use it. Which is bad because theres a $400 centipede arcade cabinet for sale there.
  7. Yeah. Sometimes game releases are a big pain.

    But you guys got EarthBound...

    ...which I got the American version of anyway, heh. I can play it 'cause I have a modded SNES... Yup.

    Anyway. That game Rakugakids is totally crazy, and quite obscure. I liked it enough to make my avatar from it. It seems that the game is so obscure, though, that there aren't any good pictures on the Internet. I had to scan it from the instruction manual (which I was really lucky to find on eBay, too).
  8. Just japan and europe? Aw means i can't have it... :[
  9. Nintendo 64 game released only in Japan and Europe.
    Totally bizarre and ridiculous little game. I own a copy.

    Found this gameplay video. This is all you'll need to see:
  10. Whats that story behind that thing in your avatar? Its pretty awesome.
  11. That's fair enough. Settling in to a new place is always going to be annoying. Good luck with everything.
  12. I was just about to get the points to buy castlevania II, but we moved and the internet guys Ethernet cables were all broken. didn't know how they just were. so we had to use the one we use on our wii [I use a wired connection, works better and i could never make wireless work]

    So i'll have to wait a while on my awesome whip action until i get a new cable, which my be a while :[
  13. There's a simple solution to each of your problems.

    1. Purchase more Wii points.

    2. Get the Game Boy Advance version of ALttP (GBA carts are more reliable than SNES carts, after all)

    I'm being too pragmatic here, eh? Eh, sorry about that. Do what you wish.
  14. VC it is then.

    But feulin insists on saving our last few wii points on mega man 10 DLC.

    Won't even let me download ALttP, even though my cartridge dies quite often.
  15. Simon's Quest keeps progress using passwords. There's no battery inside the cartridge. When you die, you start off right where you died. Three deaths and it's game over, where you can see your password and start from where you died. The password doesn't actually save your location, using it puts you at the starting town. So using the Wii's suspend feature, you could decide to never lose your location if you wanted to.

    This game is pretty easy as far as challenge goes, the real "hard" parts are figuring out what the heck the games wants you to do.
    Don't expect a game as good as Zelda II; playing them both side-by-side, you see that Zelda is clearly superior. I was just suggesting Simon's Quest because Zelda II was a strange hybrid of genres I haven't seen very often, and Simon's Quest is a similar genre that might be interesting to play if you enjoyed Zelda II.
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