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  1. SonicStar! How's it been going? :D
  2. Neat! Nice to hear an opinion on the game besides the reviewers.
  3. Well, I've been playing "the ever living daylights" out of my 3DS now that I have Mario Tennis Open. For me, the controls feel like an enhanced and cleaned-up version of Mario Power Tennis. It's a shame there are no gimmick courts and fewer minigames, but it's still very fun.
  4. Sounds good. I'd be doing the same if I didn't have this chemistry course.

    Any good games / films / book recently?
  5. I'm just looking for anything that catches my interest.
  6. lol, I don't mind. It was more of a courtesy offer anyways, since I have a bit of voice acting experience and it would be selfish to not use it for the community. Or something like that.

    Summer employment, huh? What sort of job you aiming after?
  7. However, if you like, you can try your hand at Meta-Knight.
  8. Uh, all the positions were filled three months ago. If you didn't know about it, I feel your pain. I once tried to apply to the War of Nintendo RP, right before I found out that the positions were already reserved or filled a while back.

    Otherwise, I'm searching for summer employment opportunities, working on Cocoon Academy Voiced, and taking well-needed R&R.
    Seriously, I'm very excited to talk to you again.

    Glad to hear Voiced is going well! I'd contribute if I had the time. What roles do you still need, out of curiosity?

    So, how's summer been treating you?
  10. G...Gi...GIGANERD17!!! You're back!!!

    It didn't feel the same at the forums without you for some reason.

    Anyways, I'm still working on the Cocoon Academy Voiced project. Act 1 is finished and up on YouTube. I'm still working on Act 2.
  11. Hey, sorry for leaving so long. Missed talking to you. How've you been?
  12. I'm still at war.

    So far, I'm getting slightly over it, but I can't make any promises just yet. In fact, I'm right now fighting to get something written.
  13. That's never fun. :/
    Feel free to bounce some ideas off me, if you want to. Two heads are better than one when it comes to plotcrafting.
  14. I've been better. I've got a minor case of writer's block now, and I'm trying to get around it.
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