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  1. Well, hey Sonicstar, happy birthday! Here's to another safe trip around the sun for you!
  2. Ah. Well, I'm still in high school (just started high school, actually), and my AP Human Geography teacher - plus marching band - is making me lose a lot of time as well. I can certainly sympathize with not having much time!
  3. Not too bad. It's just more of my time now is being put into my 2nd year university work, so I visit the forums occasionally when I get the chance.
  4. Oh, hey Sonicstar. Haven't seen you around lately. How've you been?
  5. Do you plan on continuing your RP at any point?
  6. Hey Sonicstar. How've you been lately?
  7. Then you should have said so.
  8. I meant here at BitForums.
  9. {{I'm guessing that's a "yes".}}

    I apologize in advance if I'm seeming to sound like a pushy tyrant in all this, but it's just unheard of in an RP to control the actions of someone else's character, unless there was a real life situation that prevented the user from posting, and as GM, I have to take full responsibility. As long as you have permission from them, it isn't a rule violation.

    However, did any of them say that they'd have trouble posting in the RP?
  10. Why else would it take me a month?
  11. Did you get approval from all four of them (i.e. TaTer, Koj09, Epic Hippie, and Mr. Explodes Alot)?
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