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  1. in the grand scheme of things, not TOO bad. my parents were the only ones who got hurt, and they'll be fine in a few weeks

    if you're curious here's the full story (it does get a bit...morbid)
  2. How bad was the car wreck?

    Your family has my well wishes.
  3. I hate to break it for you, but they send a happy birthday to everyone.

    Nice to know they care though.
  4. Thought you'd get a kick out of this:
  5. The only thing to report for Day 4 is BrandonSP is dead. However, he isn't the detective as everyone thinks. He's actually AuraKnight the vanilla townie.

    Also, majority is 8. Thanks~
  6. I'd be happy to, since I'll definitely be here for a long time
  7. No threads are loading. This is the most boring day on the forum ever.

    All Night Action have been received and results sent out, but the next day can't start. I guess we are stuck in a Dawn phase. Although, it is possible we could move the game elsewhere on the forum. . .

    Seeing as you are the new Lord of the Mafia, or whatever Ark's old title was, do you want to start Day 4 in my absence, assuming I'm off-line but you aren't when the forum returns to normal?
  8. are you as frustrated as i am that the mafia thread refuses to load
  9. I will definitely post it tonight, but first I want to update it with what we have learned from the last games.

    *jock jams song starts playing*
  11. oooooh okay yeah i see what you're saying
  12. I'm not actually asking something in my first question as I am using a rhetorical question.

    When we the players send PMs to each other, we can still quote the hosts Role PM. If we have a rule stating we can't use the forum's quote function, we can still copy and paste all or part of the Role PM. Since this is hard to get around, we need to eliminate anything confidential in the Role PM and make it all publicly available in the thread's first post.
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