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  1. Good games! It's a good sign my Marth was doing pretty well.

    Ness and Wolf still need some work, but they're coming along nicely as well. I wasn't completely dissatisfied with the results of Ness vs. Lucario, but Ness vs. Pikachu is bad. I also need to come up with a way to avoid the chaingrab of Pikachu with my Wolf.
  2. Sure. I was practicing earlier today with some Marth mains, so I want to test what I've learned. Just a moment, I have to finish something real quick.
  3. Hey hey hey nick just left without responding to my VM so you should play me
  4. She's off. I'll head online now.
  5. freakinggggggggggggggg
    still not used to this vm system apparently

    "tell her spending so much time watching TV is unhealthy

    because it actually is"
  6. unfortunately not. :<
  7. is your sister done being annoying yet
  8. Some crime drama. Might be Law & Order, can't tell.

    And even when it ends, she goes straight for another show. I can likely play late night, though.
  9. What's she watching and/or when does it end?
  10. I don't knooow. And if I say something now, now that my mom and sister just had an argument, I'll be beheaded.
  11. Can't hurt to try.

    Why is your sister always watching tv though
  12. You don't understand how much that wouldn't work. :I
  13. Ffffffffffffffffffffff

    Tell her to do something productive :P
  14. Goshdarnit! I was wrong. I thought my sister was in the basement on her laptop. She was watching TV, and now I'll never get it.
  15. Yes. Let's go and do that. I can actually get the TV now.
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