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  1. Cool, I respect that.
    I guess I'm just making sure it's been addressed. But it has, so it's all cool.
  2. I know what you're getting at, I ran into this 'issue' with my classmates. However, my professor sees no harm in the name, as it's merely a fitting title for the hero. He also sees the humor of it in a similar vein of a Ratchet and Clank game. (Going Commando? Up your Arsenal? Size Matters? Quest for Booty?)

    "As long as the story and character is appropriate, there's no reason to attach a stigma to this hero's name." was his words, although I may be paraphrasing a bit. The tone of the story and character is about being a superhero, nothing wrong with that.

    I do see your issue with it, but hopefully, when I've revealed everything, you will see that any issues that may be had with the name will be addressed.

    Thank you for your concern.
  3. Didn't want to bog down your thread with my lewd comments, but, uh,
    I don't know, a name like Mr. Fister might give off the wrong idea.
    I'm not trying to be funny or gross, I'm just saying some people might get the wrong idea...
  4. Yes.
    You're welcome.
  5. Is this...

  6. Psst!
    I found you something!
  7. Really? Because it really looks like The World Molder Guy.

    And the blocks he's standing on look like the ones he can mold. It's strangely simmilar.
  8. Tis not a cloack, tis a hoodie.
    Tis Todd in the Shadows.
  9. Your Avatar, the Guy in the Cloak...

    Is that... World Molder Guy?
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