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  1. Also, there's a notice on the game. Make note.
  2. Your right. I might do a super Lololo sprinter instead.
  3. Like I said, it's too over powered. It would make you an unstoppable force, and nobody would even TRY murdering. You'd be able to solve a case by having someone answer the question "Are you a murderer?" It effectively ruins the game entirely.
  4. IF I make the weak my unique would that work?
  5. Well, your weak one is...well over powered. Lying is a powerful fact, it's the only defense. After all, cases would be done in a snap. Like "I'm not the murderer", "He's lying."
    Also, your medium is useless. Since everyone knows the powers...well, they'd just stab ya twice. And your strong one, I suggest changing to "Can wear a disguise once per day cycle", limiting it to murder makes it useless.

    And maybe I should have said "LARPer", you know, Live action role player? That's what I'd meant initially, thought that may interest you. But actor is good. ^^
  6. I give it a try I guess.
    Super Lololo Actor
    Weak power: Acting experience: Can tell when people are lying.
    Medium power: Famous actor: if attacked can fake a life like death. Works once per daily cycle.
    Strong power: Costume wearer: Can disguise self to get away from a murderer. Works once a daily cycle.
    Strength: 0
    Speed: 2
    Intelligence: 5
    Stealth: 1

    Are these abilities too broke?
  7. Thats an actor right?
  8. Whats that?
  9. Well, first come first about a cosplayer?
  10. I like being a combatant. Marksman and swordsman are two different things I think.
  11. Actually...I think your class is a bit repetitive, considering we already have a combatant.
  12. Do you think my abilities are too overpowered?
  13. That's fine! We should move to Private messages after this, though. Do you understand what you'll be doing?
  14. So your castle game got approves. I heard you were looking for people to help run it. (Actually I saw your visitor messages on Jason's profile). I might give it a try. I'm a total nube though.
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