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  1. keep yourself together, I'm comin'

    tomorrow morning
  2. Impromptu impromptu i neeeeeeeeed you to come onto the chat at the n-e s team i'm going insane help
  3. Nothing much.

    (and I realize. Flint drew a picture to tell me.)
  4. ahoy, your yellowness.

    What's up?

    (Also, Rotom don't have ears)
  5. ...hi.
  6. Oh, I got confused when you said "This was the comic". I thought you were giving me a preview. I realise what you mean now. Anyway, in a week or two is when I want it.
  7. By "this", I meant your request. And no, I didn't turn it in.
    When did I say that?
  8. Did you give me an image? I didn't seem to get one, so I don't know what you mean by "this". Try re-sending it?
  9. Ahoy! This was the comic, yes?
    I wanted to color it, and right now I have my hands full >_<
    Is there a day when you want it? I'll see if I can get it done by then
  10. Hey. How's my request going?
  11. I made that thing like, months ago
    But thanks!
  12. Impromptu. I saw your comic about me that's aol4 related.
    It is the best.
  13. Sending in reinforcements, over. Should arrive in 600 hours, base.
  14. Impromptu. I'm very lonely on the chat. Please help.
    ~ Your Friend, 9kirby99
  15. I do too; it'll be the first one I've joined in a long time.. Really hoping it gets another approval from lady Lenore soon, though. >,<

    I can't hop on the chat right now, but how've you been doing? (Tell the others I said hi, btw)
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