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  1. Thanks, I love the pic. ^^ I doubt it will work, but I thought it was funny.

  2. (in all seriousness though, licking it was funny, albeit I do not think you are going to succeed, unless your aim is to disgust it into leaving)
  3. Stop sending me soppy messages!
  4. Flint. I'm alone on the chat and I may be going insane. Please send help.
    ~Love, 9kirby99
  5. I'm sorry 9Kirb' but you have a healing spell and you're currently the only person at the moment that can heal others so I pleade that you don't try to go into beserker again at this time, maybe in the next battle but against an opponent that has crazy defense like this I think supporting the casters istead of cowering behind them might be a wiser tactic. I don't like support duty either but that doesn't mean I'll literaly throw a tantrum about it.
  6. Oh my gosh, thank you, Flint! I love it!
  7. Merry Christmas, Your roundness

    Spoiler: inside the present was... 
  8. WOW! I love the gift, Flint!

    P.S. you actually made Rawdon better than I did. I like him better this way then being a normal old kirby. Awesome.
  9. Spoiler: happy Belated Birthday 9Kirby99 and Konian 

    I hope you like it, sorry it's late but I've got a busy life these days, and I'm incredibly lazy. I bet I drew Rawdon incrrectly.
  10. Oh no... You've missed it mate... but I'll tell you the times me and Impromptu go off of so you can join us next week.

    My Timezone- 9:00PM

    Impromptu's Timezone- 4:00PM

    You, I'm not sure but I think you're only an hour ahead of Impromptu but you'll need to check that, if I'm right though, you'd join at 5:00PM

    sorry you missed it but hopefully you'll be able to make it next week ^^
  11. Sorry, I just got sick, so I might have missed it becuase I slept for 3 hours. If it's going on in less than an hour, I might not make it. When's it taking place?
  12. Hey mate, are you going to be on Mario Kart tonight? (I can't remember the time difference between us but It might be four hours)
  13. Oh, I look sweet in that baby you drew up! Thank you!
  14. Merry Christmas, King 9Kirb'!

    It's your Air ride from the story! (I hope it looks remotely like that, I had to guess based upon your description)
  15. Oh cool! let us see photos sometime :D (particularly as I'm too dumb to understand what you mean :P )
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