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  1. That's for you to decide
  2. Where would I put the notice?
  3. Would be better if you put out a notice somewhere yourself and let the interested people come by themselves

    Don't put the notice in any of my threads though
  4. Ah, would you know any who are? Or maybe put out a notice for me?
  5. Mmmm, I already grabbed a few people like Kirbinator and SBSam to be co-GMs, so Iunno. You should probably ask around though; there's a few LCR players that wanted to help GM a game, but they decided to be normal players instead
  6. Jason! My Castle Lololo game got approved! I'm looking for people to help me run it, know where I could find someone?
  7. Lololo Castle Run has started! Click this link to start playing!
  8. Quote Originally Posted by 9kirby99 View Post
    Miles sighed as he entered the Glitz Pit. He'd been waiting for a while now, but he was glad he could start. He looked around at other fighters. He wondered what his future would be with them. He sighed, picking one at random, and walked up to Kyle. He gave a little wave as he approached. "Um, hello. I'm a bit new here...just trying to make a friend here."
    Kyle already left the scene, pal, pick someone else
  9. He will become more determined and will fight more then recruit.
  10. Hmmmmmmm if you could fit some point about how your character develops as a result of the arc that would be good

    As for those relationships you'll see
  11. Jason, in Lololo, I want to do a story arc. It Kinda explains my movements after Lololo 3, when we were defeated, what happened to my allies, and how I lost my sword. I need (one after the other) the following characters to appear: Silver, my Serperior from Lololo, then Krystal, my girlfriend (who you know.) When she is recruited/defeated, she will drop the green galaxy sword.

    I was also wondering if General Jasonguy will recognize his relationship with Flint, Ery, me, and Impromptu at any point.
    I LOVE IT.
    (Also, did Impromptu draw the alt. timeline 1 pic? It's hilarious)
  13. Jason! Did you see my new thread on the N-E S team?
  14. Updates!
  15. Hey Jason! We need you to make the next chapter in the Deluxe N-E S! Would you mind?
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