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  1. It's no trouble at all, I like visitors and visiting.
  2. Sorry about the crash, Now I've re-opened the gates.
  3. That error caused her to glitch out of existence. So I can't do it anymore. Sorry for wasting your time.
  4. Gates are open!
  5. 1075-0721-6044
  6. I'll open my gates. My code is: 0232-7823-2094, so I just need yours.
  7. Well, I didn't know how Dry Bones work, so It can be either 15 years since death, or 15 years old when he died.
  8. So by 15 do you mean 15 years since he died?
  9. Yes I can see that, it seems our win streaks will be clashed with one another, although I have photographic proof of my winning. And it was on hard mode too.
  10. Too late, I'm a Metacrat.
  11. Hello there, I was wondering if you'd like to join the Kirbunist group? We have awesome parties you know?
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