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  1. Wanna brawl a bit?
  2. Apparently yes. Should I be making a topic soon or something? :P

    Thinking of maybe trying the japanese stagelist.
  3. So are you going to post the next BitF tourney or what? It's been a while since the last one, and Brawler said you were likely going to host.
  4. Up for some matches? I need Snake practice.
  5. Wanna play Brawl? I'll be on the chat.
  6. Off my Wii until after school is out, which is the end of May. :T
  7. Hey Detta, up for some friendlies? I'll be waiting in the chat.
  8. Alright, gimme a bit to get on.
  9. Hm... alright, maybe a few.
  10. Just finished watching that. Had a feeling you were too. XD

    And I'll be busy tomorrow, so tonight's your last chance for this weekend.
  11. Eh, let's do it it tomorrow, it's getting late, and I'm watching a VGBootcamp stream. GF, Esam vs M2K. :D
  12. Finally finished with that thing if you're still up for matches.
  13. Uh.
    Oh right I'm hosting that. Nearly forgot.

    Gimme a couple minutes.
  14. Hey Detta, think you could go ahead and announce the theme for Saturday's tourney now? (If you don't have any ideas we could go with my Secondary Tourney where you get to ban your opponent from one character...)
  15. Sorry for not being on the chat... Steam popped into my room before I could open up the chat on my computer.

    I'm still hosting if you want to play.
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