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  1. Thanks for the tips, Cyphir! From what I've read here, it seems like I have two problems at the moment. One is the commitment, but I'm not too surprised. The other, well, I still don't have a solid story idea yet. But I'll (hopefully) complete that by Halloween.
    All in all though, I hope this will be a lot of fun! don't you dare interfere, school. im watching you
  2. Since I'm doing this for the first time, can anyone give me some advice? I did say my local library was going to help me, but I want to hear from you guys first.
    Trick to NaNoWriMo? Commitment. Boom, there you go.

    I did it back in 2009. Started two days late, and had several days where I ended the day in the negatives (at least according to my daily goal), and yet I finished the month at 54k words, and the full thing two weeks later at 90k. NaNo's a blast, and you're going to have a blast, but you've got to be able to make a commitment and dedicate yourself to it. That'll mean shutting off that nasty trait of procrastination, closing down those funny-but-ultimately-worthless internet tabs, and just writing. You've gotta be able to sit down and write every single day. Trust me, it's gonna be fun. Before you know it, you'll look back at all the words you've written and say 'how did I do that?'

    As another tip, know your ending. Even just in general. It can be as simple as "hero saves the girl and kills the bad guy" at the start. Having an ending in your head gives you a goal that you're writing to, instead of just writing blindly and hoping the plot comes along.

    Speaking of which, what's your story going to be about?
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