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  1. I know right? I once went on to Youtube and searched for glitches. They're really interesting... like really random. I like the glitchy sounds, they sound awesome. Of course, Missingno would be first on my list!
  2. Ha, you should try out Missingno. some time. Best glitch ever!
  3. Ah, I see...
    I told myself that I would get an emulator one day just so I can play Pokemon Red/Green/Blue/Yellow and execute glitches. XD
  4. Emulator.
  5. Seeing your LP in Epic Yarn, how you get ahold of that copy of Mother 3? (If I remember correctly, there isn't exactly an official english version, right?) I hardly know anything about Earthbound, but I'm just curious.
  6. Yeah, I was just getting started using Photoshop. There were a few problems I had to work out, but I'm still happy with it. :3
  7. I really liked your contest entry! It was quite humorous. The art was pretty good, but there are a few rough spots here and there. Of course, this is the first time you're using a tablet, though. Good luck in the contest!
    Your avatar was pretty nice too, even if it was simple.
  8. Hey, like my new avatar? It's the second drawing I made with my tablet... the first was my contest entry. Although this one only took one day as opposed to four.
  9. Sounds good to me. To think that I can use Paint as well... that's awesome.
    If I don't become lazy (I will) I might start looking for tablets. Thanks for telling me about it!
  10. Well, I think it kinda is, because you have to draw really small on the tablet to get a good-sized drawing on the screen, seeing as the tablet is relative to the screen (the top right corner of the tablet is the top right corner of the screen, bottom left corner is bottom left, etc.).
    But being able to use Photoshop's (even Paint's) special effects, like shading, I think outweighs that.
  11. I see... a cheap one
    Well anyways, is it harder to use than drawing by hand? (not that i would mind that much)
  12. Hm. I got a Wacom Bamboo Splash, mainly because it was the cheapest one... O_o
  13. In the August art contest, you mentioned getting a tablet. I'm thinking of getting one too. What kind did you get?
  14. no, I actually like it.
    Technically, it is spelled correctly... because of a slightly different origin... you can find my reply in the "origin of your username" thread.
  15. You got it. And by the way, the "Twilight" in your username is spelled wrong... if you want, you can change it at this thread...
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